I Love How....

I love how my MIL practically demands to have Andrew whenever she wants to have him, which is more often then we'd like. But then when we actually NEED her to watch him for us....she can't. Or she makes it all complicated. And it's like she's doing us some huge favor. No really...I love that!

I love how my family thinks trash day means taking out the kitchen trash. That's it. Even though we have trash cans in both bathrooms, the bedroom, the laundry room and the living room, plus two recycling bins! No seriously - I love that!

I love how my kids wait until the very.last.minute. to tell me they need something for a school or church activity. That really rocks - I love it!

I love how people say one thing and do another. I truly love that!

P.S. I got the button slide show done! If you're not on there, it's probably because I couldn't find your button. If you want to see your button on there, PLEASE just tell me! I had so much fun I added my Prayer Buttons as a slide show on my right sidebar! If you need to know how to make one, let me know. My wonderful friends hooked me up with the codes (and it's VERY easy!).


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I just need to know how to make a damn button!! :) I am blogging illiterate sometimes.

Btw, I KNOW you love ZIT POPPER gummies. Bet you're sittin' at home POPPING some in your mouth right now!!


Twisted Fencepost said...

Yeah, I can relate to each one of those in one way or another.
The slide show button is cool. I haven't seen one before.

Kat said...

How the crap do I make a button???? That slide show is awesome!

And I love a little sarcasm. I live by it. :)

Unknown Mami said...

Your MIL reminds me of people in my life.

The slideshow looks great!

Heather said...

i wonder if i could do that button slideshow thingy on my blog, even though i use WP as my platform. HMMmm, things to think about. i am sorry i've been MIA, i have missed you girlie! i hope you're adjusting alright-- xo

shortmama said...

Boy you love some crazy a$$ stuff!! Hehehe

anymommy said...

The trash thing! Oh my gosh yes! We have five trashcans in this house. Hello!!

becca said...

I love how you can talk about your MIL in your blog without worrying that she's going to read it! I can't... she's probably my most loyal reader!

Cute post.. I can relate to all of them!