Honest Scrap

I've seen this meme floating around the blogosphere and decided to play along. I ripped it off from The Twisted Fencepost. The deal is, first you list 10 Honest things about yourself. Then, you tag 7 people to play along on their blog. And I will be tagging people, oh yes I will!
1. I'm currently on an 80's Rock kick and I'm loving every minute of it. I listen to the Classic Rock station in the van, and I'm listening to a Journey-based station on Pandora. Love it!
2. I drink way too much sweet tea. But it's so darned good!
3. I drink too much coffee, too. But that's to keep me awake on night shift, so I do have an excuse.
4. I wish I had more patience. If that were something I could buy, I'd stock up!
5. I wish I had more computer time. I'd buy that, too!
6. I wish I'd win the lottery so I could stay home and read books in the glider in my back yard. Seriously, I'd spend a ridiculous amount of time doing just that if I didn't have to work.
7. I'm always behind on housework. Sometimes I wear myself out trying to tackle it all, sometimes I just give up!
8. I usually put my make-up on in the car or van on my way to wherever I'm going. Tonight I left it in the car and drove the van, so I'm at work with no make-up. And I don't really care!
9. I can't stand for my nose to be cold, and if I could find a nose-warmer, I'd totally buy that too. My nose is cold right now and I am not happy!
10. I don't even own an iron. I'm such a slacker! Speaking of which, I'm reading Confessions of a Slacker Mom right now. Great book!
And I know I've been behind lately, so if you've already done this and I missed it...do it again! Or, not! :P


April said...

What a FUN list...I just did a list of 25 random things about myself recently! If I can come up with additional things to list...I'll get it up as soon as I can. If not, please don't think I'm ignoring you...my brain just wouldn't cooperate! :)

Happy Thursday to ya!

iMommy said...

I own an iron... no idea where it is. Also, sweet tea is practically crack, so it's not your fault. :)

Mama Wheaton said...

I'd read more too but I'd probably have to wait for all the kids to move out!

krissy said...

Got it. I'll do it tonight. Fun.

I hate a cold nose too. I feel like a dog when my nose is cold. And I live in South Dakota. My nose is always cold and I am always complaining about it. You invent those nose warmers and I will by stock. LOL.

Aubrey said...

You're so funny! Ok, ok, if you insist! I'll do it again and let you know when it's up!

Jennifer said...

great facts!! :) i'm a slacker mom, so I should def grab that book and read it. plus i have been looking for something to read. :)

i usually put my make up on in the car going places too....

and lets NOT talk about house work or computer time... or patients. i' m here blogging when i should be cleaning and i've ran out of patients LONG ago... need to work on that.

xoxoxo hugs!

Kel said...

Hey if you find a place that sells patience...can you let me know...I need to stock up too!

And yes, sweet tea is YUMMY!

Swirl Girl said...

Ditto on #4 and #6...and what is an iron?

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I have an iron. It was a wedding gift 10+ years ago. It's covered in dust on my laundry room shelf.

How are you liking Slacker Mom?

Jennifer H said...

I'm a slacker mom for sure. You should see the laundry that's waiting to be washed, and an almost equal amount waiting to be folded. Wish I could hire someone just for that.

Just started drinking sweet tea again. It can't be good for me. But it's so good.

Great list!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

ditto on the patience and computer time!!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I can almost agree with all of those.
Especially the patience. I lost mine somewhere and I can't seem to find it. Help!!
Thanks for playing along. It's always fun to peek into someone else's head.

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Great list! And I'm with ya on the coffee and tea ... though I TRY not to use REAL sugar. I just stick my finger in it and it is sweet enough!!! :)

Jo-Jo said...

I think a nose warmer would be a fab idea! I will do my list this weekend!

Queen of Feisty said...

I tagged myself to play!


Minxy Mimi said...

Irons are overrated, IMO!!!

mrsbear said...

What a great idea. I stopped using my iron when I stopped working and became a SAHM, now all my clothes are "tumble pressed" by the dryer, whatever wrinkles remain are there just to add character.

anymommy said...

Irons are evil. I think I've heard they occasionally kill people in their sleep.

Huckdoll said...

Great list...I seriously love when bloggers do these memes.

And I own an iron, but I think it's only been on three times in that many years. Before I had children, I used it almost everyday, now I could care less.