I Blew It

I blew NaBloPoMo. I haven't posted since Thursday. Woops! I've been too busy, but it's been a good busy. Art Festivals, picnics, and cozy snuggling at home. No time for the computer!Sorry, NaBloPoMo friends. Life got in the way!My new blog will be opening soon. I'll have a link here, be sure to follow me there!Have a great weekend.

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Nicki said...

Yeah, dude NaBloPoMo is HARD! I'm still in it, but I'm not doing so well with NaNoWriMo, which I was trying to do at the same time (by posting my NaNoWriMo entries as blog posts, therefore killing two birds with one stone!) Instead of posting novel excerpts, my NaBloPoMo posts have been more like, "I'm drunk. I'm tired. I'm going to bed." ;)