Weekend Fun Stuff

I was given this lovely Kreativ Blogger award by Willow at Apron Strings & Angst, and this time there was a rule to go with it. I have to tell you some things that make me happy.
So, in no particular order:

~ Pickles. Seriously, I love them so much it's ridiculous.
~ My new home and neighborhood.
~ When the Gators kick butt like they did yesterday!
~ Fall and Halloween.
~ My family, of course.
~ My pets, of course.
~ The ability to walk almost everywhere we need to go, except for work. Saves gas and gives us exercise - win/win!
~ Good music.
~ Alone time with hubby.
~ A good book.

I'm passing this award along to:

Mozi Esme's Mom...she's always creating fun activities to do with her daughter, and they're educational too. She's amazing!

Lynette @ KooKoo for CocoaPuffs...she may not be crafty but she made some adorable Halloween stones!

A Thorn Among Roses...I love her kreativ parenting tip!

And last but not least, Meaghan at I Kicked Cancer's Ass. I love her determination and hard work at educating people about cervical cancer!

And speaking of Meaghan, she is having a giveaway! Check it out for your chance to win 1 lb. of gourmet coffee from her online coffee shop, Get the Bean.

On the topic of giveaways, there's another one going on at The Secret is in the Sauce, and it's a big one! Check it out!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!


Tara R. said...

Love the list... my daughter loves pickles and Gators too. Great choices to pass along the award. Mozi Esme's Mom has some fabulous learning games.

Aleta said...

Congrats on your award! My Mom used to love pickles when she was a little girl until after she ate an entire jar of it and got sick. Now she won't touch them. Lol.

Momisodes said...

Congratulations on the award!!!

Gators? GATORS? I'm not sure if I (a UM alum) can be friends with you anymore!

I kid ;)

Thanks for sharing these links to other bloggers and giveaways!

Hope you're having a great weekend.

mommaof4wife2r said...

super fun! i'll post mine today...

MoziEsmé said...

Thanks for making my day!

Meaghan said...

im totally in love with your picture!! I love your pay it forward..can you tell me more about the place you found about the girl who needed help? What a great thing you did :)

You know I give away coffee every Friday on my new blog, right? If not you do have to check it out...www.getthebean.blogspot.com


Jennifer said...

Congrats on your award!

I will check out those other blogs and contests!

Mamahut said...

Very nice awards and giveaways!

Anonymous said...

I know most people think you're just trying to be helpful by putting giveaway info up but I know it's because you want 5 extra entries.

Cause that's why I do it too.

Jo-Jo said...


The Girl Next Door said...

great list! And pickles with bbq sauce? The Best.

Kel said...

Congrats on the award! Hope you had a great weekend!

Becky :) said...

Congrats on your award. Well deserved.
Hope you had a great weekend. :-)

On The Verge said...

Congrats on the well deserved awards!

Casey's trio said...

I just noticed on your sidebar that you are reading Wally Lamb's "I know this much is true"...one of my all time fave books! I read it many year ago though.

Swirl Girl said...

Thanks for stopping in! I'll for sure be back - we have a lot of bloggy friends in common and I see you all over the place! 'Bout time I came out of lurking and spoke up here...

Swirl Girl