You May Notice....

...that there's a March for Babies widget on my sidebar. The walk that we do every year takes place in November, which is obviously a long time away. But I made a Virtual Memorial Page for Dysfunctional Dad's first son, who passed away from complications of prematurity, so I decided to go ahead and activate the link for this year so that I could post it on that site. I won't start begging asking for donations until closer to the actual walk date, but I figured why not put it up now? It can't hurt. I will NEVER solicit money on this blog for anything other than causes I am extremely passionate about, and never for myself. EVER.
But if I can raise money for animals or babies? I.Will.Do.Whateverittakes!
This Virtual Memorial thing is really cool, but I can only keep the pretty pictures and music up for 2 weeks unless I pay a one-time $50 fee. Not exactly in the budget right now, so it looks like it'll be plain after 2 weeks. So go check it out now while it's purty, and sign the guestbook!
Oh...and I realized today that the date of the Gator Walk this year, is the anniversary of that date of Baby JW's death. That makes it even MORE special!


suchsimplepleasures said...

i'm doing some stuff for the march of dimes, this summer...just simple mailings for them but, it's such an important cause!!
the comment form would open for me on the post below but...you look awesome!! you must be so thrilled! keep up the great work!

Groovy Mom said...

What a lovely memorial!

Sandy C. said...

March of Dimes is one of the most important causes in my life as a Neonatal ICU nurse. So sweet of you to put up the virtual memorial. I will have to check out.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Way to get a jump start!!!