Thursday Thirteen

I'm ripping off Jogging in Circles and also posting 13 Random thoughts today.

1. I have had some work issues this week but they seemed to be resolved now, and it feels like a burden has been lifted off of me!

2. I am (literally) working my butt off to lose this weight! I am exercising more and more and being sure to eat right, even though I can eat basically anything I want, within reason, now that I am 7 weeks out. And I'm darned proud!

3. I am so happy that my husband holds down a steady job. Although his employers drive me nuts sometimes, he has worked at this job for over 5 years (longer than we've known each other!), which provides myself and my children with a stability that we have never before known. With my ex, I literally never knew when he was going to come home and tell me that his boss had 'pissed him off', so he'd quit his job. It happened often and it was a scary way to live.

4. I feel sorry for 'outside' pets. I can't imagine leaving my little doggies outside all night and/or day. Would you want to be outside all the time? Dogs are pack animals and want to be with their people. Statistically, inside animals live longer (although my parents had an outside cat who lived to be 19 years old.....I swear she truly had 9 lives.)

5. I have the coolest kids on the planet. Some days, something happens...something small.....that makes me realize that although I make mistakes, I do a pretty good job, and I am teaching them what I feel is important, and it really is sinking in. Case in point: when we adopted our cat last weekend, the group had a jar for donations. My Princess had a dollar in her purse, and asked me if she could put it in the jar. All on her own. She knew she was helping the animals. I nearly cried. The rescue group was very appreciative and made her feel awesome.

6. I feel so good about putting our blood, sweat, tears, and a chunk of money into fencing our back yard. None of us really knew what we were doing, but we figured it out and have a strong, sturdy fence and we go out and play every day. It's a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

7. My house is quickly becoming a zoo. In addition to four dogs and one cat, we may soon be adding a Sugar Glider. This will be primarily my son's pet. We also foster for the dachshund rescue, and we offered to foster & volunteer for Animal People, the group from which we adopted our cat.
And I love every minute of it all!

8. We love festivals and carnivals and goofy stuff like that. This summer, I hope to take the kids to all of them that fall on our 'kid weekends'. I want my kids to experience things, and have fun doing it. It's really not that hard to find inexpensive things to do, instead of sitting home on our hineys watching TV all weekend!

9. We're also going to start playing Disc Golf. Ever heard of it? Hubby has played before and says it's a blast.

10. This must be the most boring Thursday Thirteen EVER!

11. Many of your blogs inspire me in so many ways. I am so glad I found the Blogosphere!

12. Every fall, we do something called the Gator Walk. It's a smaller version of the March for Babies, hosted by the University of Florida. We started after Mr Wonderful and I got married. His firstborn son died from complications of prematurity, so we decided to do this as a way of honoring him. Last year, my kids came along too.
I will be hitting you up for money come fall! =)

13. When we adopted our cat, I asked Mr W for help in naming her. It seems like I always end up naming our pets, fosters included. He said he wasn't good at naming pets. I asked him "well, what were some of your cats' names, growing up?" and he said, "Mama Kitty, Big Kitty, and Baby Kitty."
I told him he is now officially never having any input into pet naming.

~43 lbs, gone forever!


Far From Perfect said...

Can I copy this sometime???

Huckdoll said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, girl! Quite insightful :)

Baby Daddy used to play disc gold. There's actually quite a big following in this city with several courses. The teams even go to big tournaments and everything. I've never played, but I know many people that are passionate about it.

Have fun!

LunaNik said...

Your randomness is wonderful.

And 43 lbs??!! Wow girlfriend. You should feel great about that! I'm so proud of you!! ((hugs))

Now, must go and catch up on all of your posts that I missed. I haven't been around in a while =(

gab said...

Wow! 43 pounds! That is somethin' to celebrate...

Kathryn said...

I really liked this TT!
And 43 pounds gone already!??! WOW! You are doing awesome!

Kimmylyn said...

Thanks for the shout out girl.. and your list was far from boring!! I love the part about the donation jar.. that was too sweet.

And keep going with your working out.. those are some awesome numbers you are posting!! 43 lbs..whew.. HARD work.. Good for you!!

Have a great weekend!!