From the Mind of Spiderman

My stepson, Spiderman, is 8. He's one of those kids who has no filter; if it pops into his head, it's coming out of his mouth.
Here are two recent quotes from Spidey that had us cracking up.

1. Spidey, MIL, GrandMIL, and AuntIL stopped at a Shoney's recently (don't ask me why, ick!). While at the buffet, they saw a german cockroach. MIL made the comment that if there's one, there are thousands more somewhere.
So then the waitress comes up, and Spiderman loudly says, "Guess what we saw! We saw a German cockroach, and if there's one there are THOUSANDS MORE somewhere!" When the IL's tried to shush him, he just said, "well, it's true!" To him, if it's true, it's fair game.

2. Spidey asked GrandMIL "Grandma, how old are you?" GrandMIL said, "My birthday is in May and I will be 78."
Spiderman: "Oh.
I hope you don't pass away a couple of days later."
Baa ha ha ha!

Update: We adopted the kitty! Her name is Lilly and we adore her. So far she's a little stand-offish with the dogs, so we keep her in our bedroom for now, but I really think they're all going to adjust well.


Ramblin' Red said...

Thanks for the linky love. I will update, as I am a reciprocal kind of gal!

Spidey sounds hilarious...

And the kitty is soo pretty.

pb&j in a bowl said...

Spidey's a funny little guy, isn't he? Your new kitty is beautiful. And Maddie would say that it was a perfect name- she names all of her animals "Lilly."

Tara R. said...

Congrats on the kitten... makes me want to get another one too. Spidey... funny little man! whoot!

A Buns Life said...

I'm sure she hopes she doesn't pass away either! I just love what comes out of kids' mouths....most of the time anyway! :)

Chel said...

Ok, that's hysterical! I think we've all got at least one of those without filters in our families. :)

LunaNik said...

Kids like Spidey are either hilarious to be around or scary to be around. You never know what they will say!!