It's a.....

AKA, torture.

When my niece, Heather, found out she was pregnant, my sister (her mom) told her about this really cool idea she had seen on TV. This couple had their ultrasound, but instead of the tech telling them the baby's sex, they had him write it down and then seal it in an envelope. They then took that envelope to a bakery and told them if it was a girl, to bake a cake that was pink on the inside, and if it was a boy, blue. Then ice it with a gender-neutral color. The couple then gathered all their friends and family for a party, and when they cut they cake, everyone found out the sex of the baby.

Heather thought this was a great idea, and so did I. She decided to do the same thing. Her gender ultrasound was scheduled for October 7th, so she decided to have the party on October 29th. That sounded great.

Except now we're in that waiting period. They had the ultrasound yesterday and immediately took the envelope to the bakery. And I am losing my mind.

You see, I have NO patience. None. And suddenly these three weeks feel like forever!

They got a video of the ultrasound, and last night my three kids and I went to my parents' house and we all watched the video along with Heather, her husband and her mom. I got right in front of the TV and watched like a hawk. Heather's husband said "What are you looking for?" and I said "DUH! A PENIS!!!"

But the ultrasound tech left out the money shot!

It was really awesome to get to share that ultrasound video with my family. My kids were thrilled. We are so excited to have another baby coming into our family. The party will be great, too.

But I'm considering breaking into a bakery after hours to get some inside info.......anyone want to be my getaway driver?


Myya said...

I will totally be your getaway driver! Uggghhh I agree that is pure torture!!! So exciting & fun in theory but reality it ius just cruel to wait LOL :)
In all seriousness though as long as baby is healthy all is right with the world. Best wishes to your niece & her family :)

Shannon said...

Oh, that is such a cute idea.

But there's no way I could do it. I HAD to know... and like you, I have little patience so the not knowing would be driving me crazy, too!

Hope the reveal party is a hit... can't wait to hear if the cake is pink or blue!

Amy @ Clan Carlson said...

What an awesome idea! If I were finding out ahead of time, I would so do that! :)

The wait has got to be a killer... obviously, *someone* knows, and now there are WEEKS until all will be revealed... LOL

Amy said...

What a neat idea!!!

However, as neat as it is - not for me. Patience is not my strong suit! You would have never guessed right ; )

Amy (from Amy's world)

C said...

you crack me up!!! bwahahahaha

i too hate waiting for any thing... i think our patience goes down the toilet the older we get!!

Tammie said...

ugh! i hate surprises. i dont know how people keep things like this a secret. i need to know!!

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

Great idea, but the waiting period is TOO long. I would be freaking out, too.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your so funny! That does sound like a fun thing to do. I still like people to wait until the baby is born but I know it's just not that way anymore! They wouldn't even let me look at the ultrasound with my kids. It wasn't allowed!!!

MamaWise said...

I would so totally do this if I were ever going to have #3!

Tara R. said...

That is such a fun idea, and a great way to share the good news. How funny would it be if it was blue and pink inside - twins!

Mrs. Tuna said...

I concur, break in. Here let me brush those crumbs off your lips.

Mrs4444 said...

What a cool idea! I love it :)

Kat said...

Hahaha!!! That is so me! I would have no patience for that either. Cute idea (I've seen that before too), but I just couldn't wait!
Happy waiting! ;)

Anonymous said...

I was one that tortured people! We never found out with any of our kids and it always seemed harder on our family and friends. lol

Good luck with that patience thing. If you find any extra, send it my way!