Happy GIRL!!!


It's Tuesday, time for Happy Lists! And I have a whole lotta HAPPY today!

Remember my niece who is pregnant,
and torturing me by waiting to announce the baby's sex at a party?

Well....first of all, the party had to be moved up due to her husband's work schedule,
which of course made me HAPPY!!

...and we had it LAST NIGHT!!!

So the cake was cut, to reveal that Heather & DJ are expecting.......

Which brings me to my Happy List.

~ Baby Girl SHOES
~ Baby Girl CLOTHES
~ Baby Girl HAIR BOWS
~ Baby Girl OWL ROOM THEME (no idea where she got THAT inspiration from, heh)
~ Baby Girl TOYS
~ Baby Girl KISSES & HUGS
~ Baby Girl SHOPPING!!!

Now, if she was having a boy, I'd still have a Happy List. I honestly had no preference. But I can't wait to start spoiling a girl! And girls definitely have the best clothes & shoes. ;-)

What's your Happy today?
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Tammie said...

so happy for you!! and youre right, girls are the MOST fun to shop for.

Tara R. said...

I absolutely love this idea for announcing baby gender. Congrats to your niece and her husband.

clearness said...

My best friend wants to do an owl theme for her baby...due in March!!!

Mamarazzi said...

YAY...gotta love babies, especially baby girls!!

how fun to reveal the gender at a party!! LOVE it!!

thanks for linking up all of your HAPPY!!

blueviolet said...

Awwwww, so exciting!

Myya said...

YAY!!! Baby girls are so wonderful, way easier to buy for then boys for sure :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is great news! I know what you mean about shopping. I have a sweet friend who has two boys and is now having a girl. I can't stop shopping, everything is so cute.

April said...

Aww...I can't think of anything much sweeter than a little baby girl to love!

Kat said...

Yay! That is so exciting!!! And an owl theme room! You must be over the moon! ;)

Amy said...

Girls are so fun to buy for!!!


TX Amy ;)