Happy Stuff


Iiiiit's HAPPY TIME! Here I go!

* I have finally started seeing clients at my new job. And I LOVE it! One client in particular is just awesome. She is 93 and keeps me laughing the entire time I'm with her. LOVE her. I'll give you just one little gem from her, about the girl who had taken care of her the previous day: "She was real nice, but she was dressed like a tramp."

* I went out to karaoke Friday night with my BFF. We hadn't been in a while and I was SO ready for a night out! First we went to dinner at a BBQ restaurant, and brought 4 of our 6 kids with us. We all had a blast, although I'm not sure we're welcome back in that establishment. ;-)
It was a fun night.

* My oldest son Tim has changed so much recently, in a good way. Last night he totally blew my mind. Earlier in the day, he and Elayna, my 10 year old, were playing video games, and they were bickering in the way that siblings often do while playing video games. I didn't pay any attention, to be honest. Then Tim went off to work, and when he got home late last night, he and I were sitting around talking, along with my oldest daughter. Then out of the blue, he asked me if Elayna was in bed, then got up and went into her room. When he came out about 5 minutes later I asked "What were you doing?" And he said "I was being mean to her earlier today when we were playing video games and I wanted to apologize. I felt really bad."
And then they had to revive me with smelling salts.....no seriously, though, I was floored. Shocked. And impressed. That was SO out of character for him.
When Elayna got up this morning I asked her if he'd been unusually mean yesterday, but she said no. She seemed shocked too, but I know it absolutely made her day. My kids fight like all kids do, but they truly love each other and it's nice when I get to see that side of them.

* And my friends are still at it; brightening my day on a daily basis, reminding me that I am not the alone in the day to day craziness of life, and that they love me.

* OMG, are you watching Halloween Wars? It's like Cupcake Wars, Halloween edition, only without the cupcakes. (I know, that made no sense.) It's the same host & setup as Cupcake Wars, but they carve pumpkins and use cake and candy to make these incredible Halloween scenes. I LOVE it!

Okay, happy campers, go visit Mamarazzi for some more Happy stuff!


Conni said...

wow, I think I would fall over too in my children apologized to one another!!

Halloween wars, I will have to look for this one, sounds neat

Amy said...

Karaoke sounds like fun...not sure if I could do it, but it'd be fun to watch!

I love it when my girls get along..doesn't happen often, mind you, but when it does I feel so proud!

April said...

Wow...apologizing to a sibling...now, that's BIG! Hope it coninues! So glad to know that things in your life are plugging along beautifully! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww - I want to hug Tim! Ok, not really because I've never met him and that would be really weird. What a sweet big brother! Gives me hope for my kids. lol

I don't know how I have missed Halloween Wars, but I'm all over it! I have to set the DVR, for sure!

Amy said...

An apology from a sibling? I probably would keel over. Dead. I have 4 boys though and they usually like to end disagreements with boxing gloves or wrestling matches.

Glad you're enjoying your job!

Aubrey S. said...

Halloween Wars sounds fun.

I can remember when my kid brother turned that corner and actually started being thoughtful and polite. I thought an alien had kidnapped him. Hopefully, your boy doesn't grow out of this.

Have a fabulous week.

Mamarazzi said...

LOL@ dressed like a tramp! i love old people. my Mima is 91 and she can get away with saying anything to anyone, it. is. awesome.

i am going to have to check out Halloween Wars...sounds cool!

thanks for liking up your happy list!

Tara R. said...

That is some seriously great happy stuff! I hope life just keeps getting better.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad you love your job. I have never done karaoke, so glad you had fun. It is awesome what Tim did.

Helene said...

I think I'd die of shock too if one of my kids genuinely apologized to each other...and then I wouldn't even get to enjoy the moment.

I haven't seen Halloween Wars but it sounds awesome!!!!

debi9kids said...

LOVE the story about your kids! How awesome!

I absolutely love spending time with my grandmother (also 93). It is fabulous the zingers she comes out with. i swear, they just get to a point where I think thy figure, " I'm 93, I'm saying whatever I want . " :)