Monday Mingle

Well hello there!
Today I've decided to join in with Monday Mingle over at Eighty MPH Mom.
This is my first time doing the Mingle! *waves*


I don't do vlogs. I don't watch/listen to them, I don't record them. I don't know why, they're just not my thing! So I'm doing the text version of this meme. Here we go:

1. What do you do when your child refuses to eat what you made for dinner?

For the most part, they eat what I cook. They have to at least try it. If it's something I know they don't like, I'll let them make a sandwich or some noodles. I don't make separate meals for everyone.

2. How do you handle a grumpy kid in the store?

If there's a reason for grumpiness, like being tired, I may offer a treat if they stop the whining (because in my world, grumpy always = whining). If they're just being grumpy for no good reason, I ignore them.

3. Why is being a mom (or dad) the best thing ever?

Now this makes me all teary. I have four kids, two are teenagers (ages 15 & 18), and I am so proud of them. That's one of the best things about parenting; watching them become young adults. Not only are they smart and accomplishing great things, but most importantly to me, they are becoming truly good people.
And the younger two (ages 10 & 11) are so sweetly affectionate and cuddly and fun. They still think I'm cool. I love feeding them and just taking care of them, and trying to do fun things with them, and make good memories.

And that is all! Link up with Eighty MPH Mom for Monday Mingle!
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Tara R. said...

A big amen on #3... seeing your kids mature into successful, independent adults has been the best thing for me too.

Amy said...

Hope you have a great 4th!

I have loved watching my kids grow up even though they haven't always travelled down the paths that I would choose.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

I love your answer about being a mom! I agree - my kids are 15 and 21 but I still adore watching them grow.

Thanks so much for mingling!

anymommy said...

Aw, now I'm all teary. I make my kids try whatever is for dinner. I'm mean. P.S. Now I want to visit Rum Island.

Kim @ Mamas Monologues said...

Watching your children grow is definitely the most rewarding experience!

blueviolet said...

I always ignored the grumpy behavior in stores too, and forget making extra meals. My sister did that, and she has created monsters!

Jenine said...

I'm your newest follower through GFC, Twitter, FB, everything. :)

I had a really hard time coming up with the third answer for Monday Mingle. I just love everything about being a mom to my girls. Of course, I could do without all the stress and power struggles, but otherwise, it's wonderful and I love watching them grow. :)

cat said...

I am no fan of vlogs either.

Brandy@YDK said...

sweet answers.

Debbie said...

AWwwww. Love your number 3. That is great other your kids are growing up so well. That has 99% to do with good parenting. So-congratulations to YOU! I hope my kids will be good productive members of society and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Even though you didn't do a VLOG-you ROCK!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am the same way, I won't do one and I don't watch them. Enjoyed reading your answers. Seeing them grow into adults was one of my favorite parts. Now we are all good friends and love our times together.