Valentine's Weekend WrapUp

Just sharing a few, ok a bunch of, pics from this weekend.

These are from Devil's Millhopper.
John, the girls, and I visited the park and had a picnic lunch there on Saturday.
It's a huge sinkhole full of natural vegetation and small waterfalls.

(that's a stuffed fox squirrel)

These were taken at the bowling alley during my friend's son's birthday party.

This is my daughter Shelbie and her best friend AshLee.
AshLee is MY best friend Danielle's daughter.
They are 18 days apart in age.

Danielle & Me

My son Tim with his girlfriend Jessica
(he's refusing to smile just to bug me.)

Elayna & I at home....we are wearing matching shirts =)

Me & My Valentine, at our Valentine's Banquet

Hope y'all had a great weekend!
I'm joining in with Sundays in my City over at Unknown Mami's place!

Unknown Mami


Anonymous said...

I love the matching shirts! You 2 look more like the older sister and the younger sister. :)

Sounds like a great weekend!

Erin said...

You have the best looking family! You all look SO happy, well except that Tim didn't smile....but his girlfriend looks happy for him! =)

Happy V-Day!

Anonymous said...

What a nice looking family! You look so young, too.

Sherrismiles said...

Thanks for letting us have a peek inside your world. Lovely. Love the new website layout too! Happy Valentine's Day!

Kat said...

I love your new layout! Fabulous!
That park is beautiful. Wow! Love it. :)

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

April said...

That sure looks like a beautiful place y'all visited...I LOVE the outdoors! Glad you had such a fun weekend with those you LOVE! Have a SUPER DUPER day!

Unknown Mami said...

Happy VD! The blog and you are looking gorgeous.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love all the pictures. Looks like it was a fun weekend.
Happy Valentine's Day!

blueviolet said...

That was fun! The nature looked really lovely. I would have enjoyed that too. Your family is beautiful!

Myya said...

Fun pictures! We have a place like that in my neck of the woods too. We love to go hiking there. Love that pic of you & your Valentine, so sweet : )

Myya said...

Oh hey, how did your boys like Gnomio & Juliet? I was thinking about taking my girls.

Brandy@YDK said...

Great pictures. Love the matching shirts - how sweet. And your some refusing to smile - boys can be butts. Lol

Alicia said...

Wow, that place looks gorgeous!! Look at those stairs!!

And LOL about your son not smiling for your picture!! My kids do stuff like that all the time just to bug me!