I'm alive, oh oh so alive....

(Anyone remember that song? You'd have to be old like me....)

It's Friday, and I'm alive! I even cleaned my house for the first time in over a week (other than the bare minimum). It was a mess; my family is a bunch of slackers!
Anyway. It has been cleaned, scrubbed, bleached, and Lysoled. I have a new toothbrush. I'm determined that I will NOT get this again and neither will anyone else in my family! RAWR!

We have a pretty nice weekend planned. The kids are home, and tomorrow the girls and I are going with my niece to order the dresses they will wear in my niece's wedding. They are bridesmaids. The girls are SO excited! Her wedding is in June.
Then on Saturday we are planning on going to a Gator baseball game. Sunday other than church, I think we will just hang around outside to enjoy this Spring weather.

Tomorrow I'll be announcing the winner of the Big G Cereals giveaway, so check back if you entered!

Does anyone watch "What Would You Do?" The episode on the OWN Network the other night literally made me cry. They had actors collapse on busy sidewalks to see if anyone would stop to help. For the most part, people walked right by as if this unconscious person lying on the sidewalk didn't exist. Finally a clearly disabled homeless woman stopped and begged people to call 911 (she didn't have a phone), and finally someone listened to her. I was appalled. I don't understand how a human being can walk by another human being lying on the ground and just ignore them. I would be so ashamed if I had done that, or if my children did that. It's so cold and unfeeling. It really, deeply upset me.
So tell me...what would YOU do?

Alright, blogosphere, that's all I've got for ya.
Visit Mrs 4444 for more Friday Fragments, and leave me a comment telling me what you have planned for this weekend! I hope it's a good one.

Mommy's Idea

Here's my song for this week, appropriately enough:


Erin said...

Ohhh I can not watch that show What would you do! I feel the same way you do, and even though it's staged it breaks my heart! And there is always a hero but still!!

So glad you are feeling better! Most people feel better and venture out to the kitchen for some toast or something but you? Nahh you clean your house! DANG!!!

C said...

omg i forgot all about this song and i loved it too!
thanks for the mammeries lmao!

glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I remember that song. :)

I've never watched that show. I keep forgetting to check out shows on OWN.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Diane said...

I've watched that show a few times but I didn't see that episode. Makes you wonder what kind of lives these coldhearted people live. WTH?

And oh yeah, I am plenty old enough to remember that song! Now I'm gonna be singing it in my head all day. Thanks! ;)

April said...

Why does that song not ring a bell? I must be older than I think! So glad you're feeling better...it's about time, huh? I do catch that show from time to time, but I missed this one...bummer! Hope you have a FUN weekend!

Rebecca Jo said...

I must not be old.. I dont remember that song! :) (Or I wont admit I remember that song) haha!

I LOVE that show "What would you do"... I'm always amazed at some people & thankful when someone has good in them... I'm so convinced I've been on that show a few times when I run across conversations or situations that blow my mind!!!

Jene said...

I still remember the first time I learned about the "Bystander Effect" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bystander_effect) in an Intro to Sociology class. At the time I was absolutely mortified that the human race could behave in such a manner. Very sad stuff. I'd like to think that I would act differently, but I don't know, since I've never been placed in that kind of situation.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Your weekend sounds fabulous. And nothing is better than starting the weekend with a clean house!
Have a fun time with the girls trying on bridesmaid dresses!

Brandi. said...

I have never seen that show {one of the disadvantages of not being able to afford DirectTV}, but that is just horrible!!! I don't think I could ever just walk past someone as if they didn't exist. :(

I am totally jealous of the spring weather you're getting! Right now, we are snowed in and cold. I'm so ready for Summer!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have never heard that song. Nope. Never. I'm wayyyy to young to know that song.

Wait, you heard me singing along? Damn you!

Kat said...

I would ALWAYS step in on a situation they have on that show. I am such a busy-body and I always think I'm helpful (even if I'm not) so I would ALWAYS try to help someone. ALWAYS. That is horrid. I'm actually glad I didn't see that one. I probably would have cried too.

lisleman said...

I'm too old I guess to remember that song. Was it a one hit wonder thing? Is it from the same era as "Take On Me" by a-ha?
I have heard of that crowd effect that Jene above commented on. If you ever need help, hope there is only a very few people around.

ModernMom said...

Oh I have seen a show just like that. I would like to think that I'm the women that would always do the right thing when tested. We all have to stick together right?

Elaine A. said...

Soccer game, birthday party for one of the boys' friends. Pretty typcial.

I would totally call the police/911 if I saw a HUMAN BEING lying on the sidewalk. I can't believe most people didn't!! That's awful!!!

Brandy@YDK said...

Glad you are feeling better. My house gets disgusting when I am sick. Like now

Shawna said...

Hey, girlie. :)

I thought I'd let you know that I have a new funky look over at "My Girls." I think you'll like it. Pop by if you get a chance. I LOVE the way your blog is looking. I haven't done much reading in ages, so it's fun to see what everyone's doing with their blogs these days!

Thanks for the reminder to get us all new toothbrushes. We've been sick for 2 weeks, so that's definitely in order!!! I DO NOT want the sickies around here again either.

Hey, are you having this problem too? ... I NEVER slow down and sit still, but I've been forced to since I've been sick. But now I see to have caught the lazies; I don't feel like doing anything! I'm slacking on all my work, even homeschooling. I feel like such a blog of loser-dom.

Shawna said...

This is so awesome! I do NOT know that song, so I cannot possibly be old ... regardless of how I feel. :)

Come see me at "I am that." and "My Girls." Things are pretty fun over there.

Unknown Mami said...

I wish you would come over with new toothbrushes for us. My husband and MIL are sick right now and I don't want any of it.

Shannon said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

I like the show, WWYD, too. I'd like to think I'd step in and help if I found myself in those situations!