So Much to Say, So Many Frags

~*Friday Fragments*~

~* In case you didn't notice, I decorated my blog for the holidays. My header is all festive, my footer is a holiday message, AND....it's snowing! On my blog, that is. It's cold enough to snow here at home, too. Ugh! I thought I lived in Florida?!

~* I started decorating the house, too. I'm all done inside except for the tree, which we'll get this weekend (we always get a live one). We'll decorate outside this weekend too. This house is the biggest we've lived in, and I've decided we need more Christmas deco! I will be doing some after-Christmas stocking up for sure.

~* I almost let my kids stay up late watching TV last night - on a school night! - because I thought it was Friday. They weren't about to say anything, but I saw them exchange a weird look and then it hit me - d'uh! It's Thursday!

~* There's a great giveaway going on at I'm Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor. It's for a Reverse-a-Purse, and I want it! Check it out.

~* Speaking of giveaways, a while back I won a credit to have a custom piece made at Stamped Under the Moon. I just got my necklace in the mail, and I LOVE it! It is stamped with my kids' initials, which spell the word EAST in order of youngest to oldest (Elayna, Andrew, Shelbie, Timothy). I LOVE my necklace!

~* I got an award this week on my food blog, Southern Loving. I was so shocked! I am on a list with some real, GOOD food bloggers! I'm not sure how that happened, but I'll take it!

~* I am SO happy to be back to blogging regularly. I hated feeling so out of touch, and I NEED my outlet of blogging! I've been getting caught up on some of your blogs, and I've even had time to get on Twitter a little bit. I actually blogged every day this week, which is unusual for me, but I just had so much to say and had been out of the loop for so long! Thanks to all of you who stuck with me through my hit & miss blogging & visiting.

~* If you've never seen this site, check it out when no kids are around, and you're not eating so you don't (a) choke or (b) spit food all over your screen. Seriously, I have laughed myself SICK the past few nights reading this site! Hilarious! Damn You Auto Correct

~* If you are one of the people who gets upset when you see someone shorten "Christmas" to "X-mas", read this information that my friend put on Facebook. It's actually not an offensive thing!

"X-mas" originated due to the fact that "X" is the greek letter for "chi." What does "chi" mean?

You guessed it, "Christ."

So when you see "X-mas," the word Christ is still in it and the reason for season has not been forgotten!

~* Last but not least....I'm going to start ending my Friday Fragment posts with a favorite song of the week. Listen if you're interested. This one reminds me of myself & the hubby!

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lisleman said...

the great thing about FF posts is the variety of topics covered and yours is a great example.
Decorating a blog is much easier than a house.
I just read that so big chains (don't remember which ones) are selling Christmas trees online. Maybe that would be good for some but not me.
thanks for the humor site link - I'm off to check it out.

Lori said...

I noticed the decs and love the stockings for everyone!

I keep finding that there will be days where I don't get on my blog, then one night I think of 3 different things so I try to save them and do one a day. Then I forget what I thought of.

I'm actually looking for new blogs to read and check out.

Lori said...

OH I forgot, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace! I love when things have a special meaning like that!

heather@actingbalanced.com said...

Beautiful necklace - jealous that your decorating is almost done! happy Ff!

mimbles said...

Love the stockings divider, it's adorable!

I haven't started decorating the house yet, though I did find the Advent calendar and hang that up, it's a start I guess!

The first time I saw Damn You Auto Correct I ended up gasping for breath and with tears running down my cheeks, I was laughing so hard I could see properly to read!

Jene said...

I'm laughing just thinking about the look your kids must have been giving each other behind your back.

BEAUTIFUL necklace!

We're live tree people, too. It's one of my favorite childhood traditions. I can't wait to go get ours this weekend! Have fun :)

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

You blog decorations are very cute! Good job! Funny about your kids giving it away that it wasn't Friday.

Stopping by from FF--here's ours:

brainella said...

I'm one of those Xmas detesters. I may have to revise my opinion...

I'm not sure why but I cannot stand Jennifer Neetles voice. I tried to listen to the song but couldn't do it. :-(

Megan said...

I love that your kids names spell East - that's so perfect!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Lovin' that necklace. SOOO cute.

And I'm unfortunately with Brainella - I WANT to like Sugarland because they have great songs, but her voice crawls up my spine with the talons of a hungry eagle.

- Was the EAST thing a coincidence or once you got to E, A and S you decided to finish it off? (And good then that you didn't go with Yanni for the last kid.....)

shortmama said...

I didnt get in a bigger house but I really need more Christmas decor! You can never have enough, though my hubs would disagree!

Love that song!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Great planning on the kids' names so that it would spell E.A.S.T. on your new necklace! ;) Very cute!

Good luck on all the decorating.
Have a great weekend!

Kat said...

It is definitely feeling like Christmas now. I love it! And your blog looks great! :)

That necklace is awesome! I love that it spells EAST. Very cool. :)

Congrats on your award! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I noticed your decorations, and I love how even your blog has Christmas spirit!

Your necklace is amazing! Putting your kids initials was a great idea, and it's cute how they spell a word.

Kori said...

Just like everyone else, I love the necklace!

Kirby3131 said...

Oh My Goodness, I laughed so hard at that website (auto correct) - one time I stopped making any sounds I was laughing so hard. It makes me laugh just thinking about how funny some of them are LOL

You had so many great frags I'd like to comment on each one! Loved the decorated blog header -- I'm freezing here, too -- EAST! Excellent -- Laughed hard at the comment "good that you didn't go with Yanni" hahahaha -- X-mas has always bothered me, too -- I have a smaller house and have needed less decorations. Wanna borrow some of mine? :)

Kristin - The Goat

The Lovely One said...

Love the song and the video, love the Christmas blog decor, and love the comeback for Xmas!

Matty said...

Well it's that time of year, so having a season appropriate blog look is well.....appropriate.

I have to laugh at the kids staying up late. I remember trying to get away with that too.

That Auto Correct is funny. I never heard of it before. And I love Sugarland.

Mrs4444 said...

That's really a cute song.

Love the vibe of your post today, Cyndy; you "sound" really happy.

The purses are really cute!! Off to check out some more of your links :)

Have a great weekend!

Iva said...

I know this is a bit unrelated and I'm really sorry, but I have to say your header is totally fabulous!! BRILLIANT! lol

Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a nice weekend!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

After Christmas is the best time to buy but you have to get up pretty early in the morning! Its fun decorating for Christmas. Love that the kids were not saying anything about bedtime. Saw you award, that was awesome. Great video, I'm glad your so happy.

Unknown Mami said...

Oh my goodness! I love your stamped necklace; it's wonderful. So glad you won something so lovely.

Myya said...

Congrats on the award for Southern Loving. LOVE your necklace, I love personalized things that mean soooo much. I have a necklace with all my girls names on it too. So nice to know about the XMas thing... I have a cousin that is absurdly rude when people use this term. Can't wait to shove this little gem in his face LOL.:)

Valery (CEO Wanna Be) said...

Hi, I am a new follower of both your blogs and I some how stumbled upon your blog and dont even know how I did it. But I am very happy I did. I love to bake, and I am already writing the recipe for the Apple Turnovers down. I read your Friday Fragments and I am hooked. I will be back. Thank you for blogging and giving me something to read. Working from home and 7 kids, reading blogs keeps me sane.

♥ Kathy said...

I love that song & the necklace is beautiful!

Seizing My Day said...

glad your back... I get lost in circles... and loose sight of those I found months ago!! haha!! ;)

love LOVE your necklace...

love the snowy/christmas owl!! ;)
Let it snow let it snow let it snow!