Christmas Crack, Christmas Cheer, Christmas Charity.....we've got it all right here.

It has been ridiculously cold here this week. As in, dipping down into the TWENTIES at night. It should be illegal for it to ever get this cold in Florida. It's just wrong!
There has even been talk of snow flurries next week. I am appalled.
But I am very cozy in my warm house, with my fireplace crackling. I absolutely love it! I'll be just fine....as long as I don't have to leave my house.
Here are some pictures to warm you up:

Andrew made a Christmas list this week. Andrew is 11, and apparently our talk about how Christmas was going to be very simple and minimal this year went in one ear and out the other for him.

His list consisted of these three things:
1. iPod
2. iPhone
3. iPad

iLaughed! iDon't think so! iBetter get one first!

In case you missed it, yesterday I posted a giveaway....I am spreading some Santa Magic for those of you with kids who still believe, so check it out!

My friend Shannon at The Nuthouse is doing something wonderful again this year for Christmas. For each comment she gets on this post, she will donate one non-perishable item to her local food bank. I love this! Please go over and leave her a comment for a great cause.

I posted a recipe on Southern Loving this week for Saltine Cracker Candy, which one of my Facebook friends told me she calls "Christmas Crack". I have since decided that Christmas Crack is the perfect name for this candy and that's how it shall be known in our family from here on out! This stuff is addictive. You have been warned.

And I will close with Dysfunctional Mom's song of the week. I LOVE Miranda Lambert; she is beautiful, tough and a great singer. I love chicks like her! This song is one of my favorites of hers, I love it for so many reasons! Check it out! And as always, visit Mrs 4444's for more Friday Fragments.

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lisleman said...

"iLaughed! iDon't..." that's a great one.
Don't you roast oranges in FL?

Unknown Mami said...

It's a good Christmas list, very ambitious.

Eternal Instants said...

I loved the "i" bit! Sooo funny!

Your tree looks nice.

Southern Loving is a place I will certainly be linking up to...

Thanks for the Share :)

Kirby3131 said...

That Christmas Crack sounds so good!
Your giveaway for the plate is just lovely! I bet there's a very happy family that can't wait for the magic of the season :) I have to admit - I laughed heartily at the ijokes lol

Kristin - THe Goat

Carolee Sperry said...

iWant an iPad or something similar, too!

My daughter wants an expensive cell phone, video cam and a bunch of wii games- obviously SHE didn't listen, either :-)

Visiting from Friday Frags- stop by and check out my blog- I have a blog hop going on this weekend, too!


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

That's quite a list for an 11-yr-old, for anybody for that matter! Sad how kids grow up so fast and want the latest of everything.

Your home looks very inviting. We have the electric heaters that look like a fireplace and like them a lot. It makes us fell nice and cozy and is relaxing to look at too.

Stopping by from FF.

Evonne said...

iLove your tree but iDon't like that list either. Unless you get that stuff first!

Sandy said...

Oh yeah, I think I mind need some Christmas Crack!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Dear Dysfunctional Mom:
I don't own an IPad. I have an IPod, but I have never loaded a single song onto it. Everyone in my family EXCEPT FOR ME, has an IPhone. I don't want one. Is something wrong with me?

I love your frags. I'll be tryin the candy recipe!

Melani said...

Love the iList! I do have an iPod and I love, love love it! I play tons of games and have movies on it too and I can listen to my music before I go to bed...they are darn expensive though...

Your tree looks great and I love the fireplace, it looks so warm and homey!

Kristina P. said...

That's so funny, because we have been getting rain, here in Utah.

OHmommy said...

Oh my gosh, it's THAT cold by you? You guys aren't used to that. Stay warm!

Shannon said...

Love my iPod... don't think I want an iPad, though. And my mom loves her iPhone but we have Verizon and I'm not switching to AT&T. I'm due for a phone upgrade next week and I won't be able to wait for the iPhone to come to Verizon next year, LOL! I need a new phone NOW! So no iPhone for me.

And thanks for the shout-out about the comments for cans... I had quite a few come over from your blog! Woohoo!

Myya said...

I was cracking up at Andrew's list... dream big I guess right. My sister lives in Miami & she was complaining to me the other day about how cold it was there. Yeah, whatever I don't feel bad for her I live in freakin Oregon... it is always cold here! LOL.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh I LOVE Christmas Crack! and I giggle every time I listen to Only Prettier!

Tara R. said...

'iLaughed...'' now that is funny! I need to remember that one, my son wants an iPad too.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I was too late for the donation. You fireplace and tree look beautiful. What a Christmas list!

Katie Lane said...

So many things to comment on here. Firstly, THANK YOU for following my blog (and even before reading my plea) :) Secondly, did you say "talk of snow flurries next week"??? I love in FL too and I WANT SNOW SO BAD - this news makes me really happy. Thirdly, you have a fireplace in FL? I didn't think anyone had fireplaces around here. And lastly, your blog is so so cute - love owls!!

Tiaras said...

your son sounds like mine with the request list! Why is it the older they get - the more expensive they get???

Anonymous said...

My 12 year old coordinated the brother's letter to Santa this year! And, they are being less costly. I so love that!

Beautiful tree! How did you get that little light to move around? HHHmmmm - share the secret! I am so impressed!

I'm a southern girl, too! We are awesome! LOL You might like my definition of a country boy!


Merry Christmas!