Shelbie, Shelbie, Shelbie.
15 years ago I was so very pregnant. One day past my due date. At the doctor's office, they did an ultrasound and estimated your weight at OMG HUGE. After one c-section for a slightly less ginormous child, we decided another c-section was in order (there went my plans for a VBAC...sigh).
And they were not too far off; you weighed in at 9 lbs. 3 oz. You kept me in the hospital until the day before Christmas Eve. I was SO happy to take you home!
Your brother was so strong-willed, and you seemed content to follow his lead and were a pretty quiet child. You were an easy kid, easy-going and happy.
And then you became a teenager.
You weren't quite as easy any more. (<~~ understatement of the year)
But I worried, because you were such a people-pleaser. You wanted to do what everyone else was doing. You seemed so open to suggestion and vulnerable to peer pressure. I worried that you wouldn't stand up for yourself.
Now? Heh. Not so much.
Sometime within the last couple of years, you have developed a backbone of steel. You don't go with the flow so much. And you don't take crap. Oh heck no. You do your own thing, and if anyone doesn't like it, you will tear them to shreds. Whether with a look, or your words.
I have no idea where you get this from. *ahem*
Seriously, I used to think you were so different from me. But now....I see so much of myself in you. You are everything I admire in a woman; beautiful and kind, but strong and tough. You are not going to be walked on by anyone. You still want everyone to be happy, but not at your own expense.
You have always been incredibly thoughtful and caring. You are always thinking of others, especially if they are sick or hurt. You are so empathetic. You complain about our annoying pets, but absolutely panic if one of them gets lost or may be sick. You complain about your annoying little sister, but absolutely melt when she buys you a "Sister" necklace and gives it to you early because she cannot wait any longer.
You wear your heart on your sleeve, and that is both a wonderful and potentially hurtful thing, because you love very deeply and that can cause great pain. But you are strong and you will overcome.
Even though you drive me crazy, I am amazed to discover that I really love teenagers. I still can't believe you are fifteen....and in high school!
Even though it drives me crazy, I still have to laugh when I look at you and see you dressed head-to-toe in MY stuff....literally head to toe!
And even though it drives me crazy, I love your confidence, your smart mouth, & your quick comebacks. Just please...use them for good, not evil. And use them against others, not your poor exhausted Mom. Kay?

Happy Birthday, Shelbie! I love you!


Sarah said...

Time goes so fast doesn't it! She sounds like a awesome young lady!

Brandy@YDK said...

such a sweet post. happy birthday to your baby girl.

Tara R. said...

Simply beautiful... your words and your daughter. Happy Birthday Shelbie!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday Shelbie!
Happy to hear that she has gotten a backbone, good for her. She sounds like a wonderful daughter and you know how blessed you are to have her.

Myya said...

I love Birthday posts! I'm sure she read this & was soooo touched by what her mama thinks of her. Happy Birthday Shelbie (sorry I am late reading & commenting)