Putting the Fun In Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

It's time again for fragging! That means we get to stick our random thoughts in one post, stick a cute Friday Fragments stamp on it, and call it a day!

So, Terry Jones, the nutjob who planned to burn the Qurans on Saturday in my town, is now waffling on his position. He announced Thursday afternoon that he had canceled his plans, but later said that he may do it after all. Clearly, he's unstable and can't be trusted, so who knows what will end up happening. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

I had a Bad Mommy Moment this past week. I skipped my little kids' Open House at school. It's the first time I've ever done that, but I was utterly exhausted and having 'female issues'. I just could not drag myself up there! I already met their teachers before school started, so I figured I get Mommy Points for that. I even posted on Facebook "How bad of a Mom am I if I skip this Open House?" and was reassured by dear friends, one of whom is a teacher, that it wasn't such a horrible thing. I told the kids they could eat popcorn and watch a movie instead, and everyone was happy!

My son Tim brought home a new pet for me this weekend. He drove by a turtle in the road, and picked it up and brought it home. His girlfriend said "Why did you do that??" and he sort of grinned and said "I didn't want it to get killed!" He knows I love turtles. Henry Fred is now living in our bathtub until I get him a real habitat set up. He seems quite content!

I got the little kids these cute erasers from the hospital gift shop last week. Elayna promptly lost hers at school; she said she left it somewhere and when she got back, it was gone. I debated getting her another one; I spoil her rotten and I'm trying to curb that a little, but I ended up getting another one today (they're only a dollar, it's just the principal of it.) Anyway, when I gave it to her tonight, she was SO unbelievably excited, and kept saying "Thank you SO MUCH, Mommy!" The fact that she was so appreciative made me think I did the right thing. I was thinking, "yep, THIS is why I do it." =)

Hers is just like this, except pink instead of blue.

This weekend, John and I will be visiting our home-away-from-home, St Augustine. It's just a quick trip to do some shopping for Andrew's birthday, and to get away for a very short while. This time I'm hoping to find some thrift shops; I've never thrifted in St Augustine and I want to check it out!

And in closing, I leave you with a picture of two of my pets. One, a cat who clearly is sane, and the other, a dog who apparently thinks she's a cat.

I hope you all have a great weekend!
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Seizing My Day said...

I love St Augustine!! I have only been once... but it was such an adorable community! cozy... fun... I loved it there! ;) so jealous it is your home away from home... and junk shopping... envy envy envy!

heather@actingbalanced.com said...

You are not a bad mommy for skipping open house... it's a blur for the teachers anyway... hope your thrifting is fruitful :)

Anonymous said...

Am loving the animals of the house. Your dog is hilarious. Bless the confusion.

Have fun in St. Augustine sounds beautiful.

Take care
Kate Collings

www.katecollings.blogspot.com - always welcoming new followers and comments xx

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I enjoyed reading your fragments this week. Skipping open house isn't so bad, especially since you've already met the teachers anyway!

I heard turtles can live 20 years. I like them too--they are fascinating creatures. I have a big stuffed turtle and a turtle doorstop, no living turtles though but I love to visit them at the zoo.

The picture of your pets is so funny! The dog on the cat tree cracked me up!

Glad your daughter appreciated getting that second eraser. Everyone should get a second chance!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

LOVE the pet pic...and the fact that Mr. Jones smartened up. I thought of you last night when I heard the news.

Have a relaxing weekend of football! :o)

Tara R. said...

Clearly Jones is unstable. I truly hope he doesn't go through with his plans. So wrong.

Rebecca Jo said...

Henry Fred... awesome!!!

Ahh - I bet the surprise made you realize why sometimes "spoiling" isnt a bad thing...

Oh dont feel bad - my parents NEVER went to my school open houses... & it didnt effect my growing up... I didnt turn into a gang-related-drug-crazed person! haha!!!

Brandy@YDK said...

have a great mini trip. and I would've gotten the eraser again.

He & Me + 3 said...

I haven't been to St. Augustine in years. So pretty there.
I wish I had skipped my parent open house. Good grief three in three days. I am tired. But they were handing out NO home work passes for every adult that showed up. My kids wanted the passes...of course. :)

won said...

Wow! Elayna's response to the eraser reminded me of the commercial where the kids jump up and down with excitement over their mom giving them school supplies. Then they say "these are paid actors. Do not expect your children to respond this way".

Have you seen it?

Jene said...

My mom used to let us each pick out a set of fun erasers from the Oriental Trading catalogs. It's one of those memories that still sticks with me, 20+ years later. Hopefully your daughter will remember her awesome little eraser and the kindness of her mom far down the road, too :)

Terry Jones is a whacko who's giving all Americans a bad name. It's just so sad that people think that way and that people follow people who think that way.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy St. A! I haven't been there in another 20+ years.

Mel Fraase said...

It must be turtle time!! We had a visitor at our house, too!

Aria would be the same way about an eraser like that. I think she's the only one of my four that would appreciate getting a replacement!!

We are escaping overnight as well, I am shooting a wedding and we plan on staying at the Hilton where the reception is held!! Yay!!

Christina said...

I wish I had skipped Parent Orientation this past week. I was expecting a 30-45 minute function. I was ready for someone to kill me after the second hour.

Myya said...

What a sweet son you have to rescue that turtle! I'm sure he is very happy to be in your tub instead of squished on the road :)
Your dog is freakin hilarious! When I had my dog, he used to sit on the dishwasher door when it was open. Cute, up till he was over 100 lbs. Little stinker!

Tammie said...

happy thrifting!

i sometimes skip open house too. there have been times ive gone and felt like i didnt NEED to be there, ya know?

Anonymous said...

That eraser is so cute that I wonder if someone was jealous and took it at school. Judging by her reaction, you did do the right thing. Isn't it great to feel like a good mommy?!

Kat said...

I think it is just so cute that your son picked up the turtle because he knows how much you like them. That is just so sweet. Seriously. I love it. :)

That picture is just too funny!

Have a great weekend! :)

Debby said...

That eraser is so cute. I had missed some open houses at school, it's okay. So how big is the turtle? Love the dog in the cat bed, too cute!

Karen MEG said...

What a cute eraser, and speaking of cute, your cat and dog are hilarious! Great frags this week!

shortmama said...

This was the first year that I actually went to meet the teacher! In previous years I already knew them so didnt bother with it

C said...

hey sistah... i have an award for you on me blog...

Unknown Mami said...

Welcome Henry Fred!

I don't think you are a bad mommy for missing an open house, a graduation maybe, but not an open house.

brainella said...

The Open House at my son's school was like a PTA advertisement. I spent more time hearing about the PTA than anything else. Irritating.

Melani said...

Love love love the pic of the cat and dog! Too cute! :)

Did you find a place for the turtle? :) we gave my parents a pair of turtles for their koi pond years ago and one died, got in the filter thing, but the other one is doing well and is huge!

aww, I can so relate to getting the kids something...I think you did the right thing!

Just today, I didn't go to my oldest daughter's open house at her high school, and I should have gone, but my hubby is out of town so I opted to stay home!