Free Pass

This day was trying, to say the least.
We had a new hot water heater installed, which was a noisy process. Meaning my sleep was interrupted many, many times. Which makes for a grouchy mama.
And, is it a full moon or something? Because last night our patients were wonky, and today my kids were wonky. They found every one of my nerves and stomped.all.over.them!!!
So instead of cleaning, laundry, mopping, etc....once I finally got the hooligans to bed....I crashed on the couch. I gave myself a FREE PASS....and I highly recommend it! In fact, you can have mine if you want it!

So...how was YOUR day?


cat said...

Can I say "Ugh"

Erin said...

I think at this point I could sleep...no HIBERNATE for a while and not care about anything!

Seizing My Day said...

I will take it... you should read my post today... I was 'distracted' but what I should have said was I needed a free pass day!!! LOL!
Just Jenn ~ www.seizingmyday.com

Denise said...

We all need a free pass day sometimes. Stopping by from SITS! Please stop by!

Debbie said...

I dole out those passes to myself all the time! Love them:)
Dropped by from SITS.

blueviolet said...

I love that you gave yourself a free pass! If we don't do that from time to time, it's impossible to get through days like you just had!

Danielle said...

Ohh man. Thank you, thank you. I needed that free pass!! Badly.

Anonymous said...

Boy could I use "Free Pass" today. I got no sleep either thanks to our "precious little angel." She's been a bear this morning. I'm enjoying laying on the couch and reading blogs until the oldest gets home.

~Waiting for the Garage Door to Open

Unknown Mami said...

I'm giving myself a free pass right now and I like it!