The Cruise I thought I didn't want

My In-laws tend to get us some pretty awesome Christmas gifts. So one year, when MIL started hinting around and asking odd questions, John and I got excited, wondering what our Christmas gift would be that year. I could think of all sorts of things we wanted and needed.
The LAST thing I would've imagined was a cruise.
But shortly before Christmas, MIL finally spilled the beans. They were sending me and John on an all-expense paid cruise to the Bahamas.
John was excited.
I? was underwhelmed.
I don't really know why, but a cruise was just not something I'd ever really wanted. It was definitely not on my bucket list. I could think of so many things I wanted more. And, I had a fear of being out in the open water, unable to see land.
I was just not thrilled at all.
But what could I do? I certainly couldn't turn it down. So, we started making plans. And I started half-heartedly looking around the internet at websites about the Bahamas. It was pretty, for sure. It looked like fun.
Then, I went on the cruise line's website and saw the part about Shore Excursions. That caught my attention. And when I saw the snorkeling shore excursion? I was sold. Ready to pack.
I'd always wanted to snorkel but just never done it. Actually, I'd really love to dive, but I'm a big old chicken. So snorkeling is the next best thing, to me.
It turns out, when you're on a huge ship, you don't even notice that you're out on the open water. It turns out, being on a huge ship is a blast! There's so much to do, and to eat, and the bed was literally the most comfortable one I'd ever slept on. I so wanted to take it home with me! There were shows, shops, karaoke, casinos, and one of my favorite things on the ship was just laying on a lounge chair drinking pineapple juice & Malibu rum!
Our ports of call were Nassau & Freeport. We shopped at straw markets, I had my hair braided, and we went to the beach. The sand is just as white and the water just as clear as you see on TV. It was amazing.
And finally.....the snorkeling. We got on a tiki boat to go to the island for snorkeling, and I promptly dropped my digital camera into the ocean. Fabulous! There went all my Bahamas pictures. I could either laugh or cry; I decided to laugh. No crying in the Bahamas!
Snorkeling was everything I imagined it to be, and definitely the highlight of the trip. It was like being in a giant tropical fish tank! It was so amazing, I absolutely loved it and now I snorkel every chance I get, usually at the springs that surround us. I want to snorkel all over the world!
I could post all about the details of the ship and the Bahamas, but suffice it to say, it was a wonderful experience and if you ever get the opportunity - go for it!


blueviolet said...

I want to go, I want to go!!!! You sold me on the idea big time!!!

Together We Save said...

Glad you had a great time.

Mama Wheaton said...

I also want to go, I went about 20 years ago, so I am due for a trip.

Just Breathe said...

So the not so wonderful gift became something pretty awesome for you. Sorry about the camera!

cat said...

I also just love snorkeling but am planning to go fullout to scuba diving some day soon. I have snorkelled all over South Africa as well as Mozambique and the Comores (which was stunning)

4 Lettre Words said...

It's never been high on my list, either, but what an AMAZING gift!!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Never been but I can always hope!

Anonymous said...

Josh and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon. The ship's second engine broke and we missed one of our ports. But even inspite of that we had a blast!!!

shortmama said...

We went on a cruise to Alaska...other than being with the inlaws, it was amazing!

Helene said...

I've always wanted to go on a cruise but my husband says he'll never step foot on a cruise ship...he's deathly afraid of sharks, even though I tell him that there's no way possible for a shark to jump on board.

I'm gonna see if I can get him to read this post...maybe you an sell it better than I can!!

Glad you had fun...what a blast! I went snorkeling in Hawaii a couple times and it was awesome! So glad you finally had the chance to do it!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I wish I had your in-laws!

kristi said...

I would love to take a family cruise.

Kristin said...

Jealous! I haven't been on a cruise in FOREVER! I just love going to the Bahamas!!