Friday Fraggin'!

Sometimes I wonder how I lived without Friday Fragments. All week when certain little things happen, I think, "Oh yeah, that's gonna be a Friday Fragment!". I decided to check back and see just how long I've been Fragging, and I found my first Friday Fragment post - from September 5th, 2008. I've been Fragging for over a year! I really look forward to writing these posts and again, I'm so glad Mrs 4444 hosts this every week for us.

Friday's Freewrite is another fun way to sum up your week and meet new bloggy friends.

So, here we go!

* I'm planning on making Rice Krispy treats this weekend for John. He LOVES them and I haven't made them in years, so I went to the Rice Krispies website to find the recipe. I discovered that they have a comment section, and there I found this hilarious little tidbit:

Man! - I really love the ones that crackle and the ones that pop, but on the other hand, I just cant stand the ones that snap. I have been trying to pick them all out but it takes for ever and they are REALLY hard to distiguish. anyone else feel me? what can I do? thanks in advance for any ideas. Buck
buck, – Posted: 07-16-2009, 9:28 AM

Buck, wherever you are, this cracked me right up!

* I wonder what it says about me that two of my favorite blogs are Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom and Life of a Tater Tot Mom ? I think it says I have excellent taste. *snort* (Check them out!)

* While riding in the car the other day, I was flipping through the radio stations and bypassed the song 'Pocketful of Sunshine'. Elayna said "Mommy! Turn it back! You like that song!" I replied, "Um, no, I actually do not like that song at all." Elayna: "Well then why have I heard you sing it?" Me: "Elayna, I can assure you that you have NEVER heard me sing 'Pocketful of Sunshine'. I am NOT a 'Pocketful of Sunshine' kinda girl." To which John chimed in: "Yeah, she's more like 'Pocketful of Demonic Thoughts'.
I wanted to be offended, but I was laughing too hard.

* The girls both won their games last night! I am so proud of them.

* Tomorrow starts the University of Florida's Homecoming festivities. We'll be going to the parade. We have a school holiday on this day every year. The parade is fun, plus we get to see Tim Tebow. Win/win!

* Speaking of wins! It's time to announce the winner of my Nut Clusters Giveaway. Elayna had her game tonight and then spent the night with my parents, so she wasn't available to draw the name of the winner. Bummer! I had to use the boring old Random Number Generator, which is not nearly as cute as Elayna. Here are the results:

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 14
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

And the 9th commenter was.....Allison from Life of a Tater Tot Mom! Congrats, Allison!

I hope you all have a Fantastic Fall weekend!


shortmama said...

Pocketful of demonic thoughts? Hilarious!

Mrs4444 said...

I think I do actually have a pocket full of sunshine :) Loved, loved, loved the rice crispy treat guy's comment-that was awesome. Thanks for sharing it :) Nut clusters, huh? Sorry I missed that! Have a great weekend :)

Erin said...

Rice crispy treats....my flavorite! Ever made them with COCO Krispies? That is like Disneyland in your mouth!

Smellyann said...

LOL about the pocketful of demonic thoughts and Rice Krispie treat thing!!

Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

I giggled when I read, "I think it says I have excellent taste. *snort*" LOL!

A pocket full of demonic thoughts!? That would make for an interesting version of that song. haha

cat said...

Oh I loved the "pocket full of demonic thoughts'! Brilliant!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Funny stuff!! Made me smile. And since I have a headache, I needed that.

Hallie :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Thought rice krispy comment is CLASSIC!!

Happy Frag-iversary!!

Allyson said...

ha ha that's hilarious!!! your girls are very witty. :)

Caution Flag said...

Loved your husband's comment!! It made me laugh, too.

You've been fragmenting a year? Congrats:)

SueMac said...

First of all, Buck needs a blog... or at the very least a twitter account! Second, "Pocketful of Demonic Thoughts"... hilarious! And Third, send Tim Tebow my way, please!

Kel said...

HA - the rice crispies comment is too funny! Sounds like another exciting weekend - hope you have a great time at the parade!!

MrsSki said...

I almost died of laughter when I read "pocket full of demonic thoughts." That is so funny!

Mmm...rice krispy treats are the best! I may have to make some this weekend too. :)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

How ironic! I'm planning to make rice krispie treats this weekend, too! I haven't made them in forever, so I thought Princess Nagger might enjoy making some with me this weekend. :) LOVED the comment you found on the rice krispie site - hilarious!

And 'pocket full of demonic thoughts' - even more hilarious!

Happy FF! :)

S3XinthePantry said...

Well, ur still all happiness & sunshine to her, right?

Unknown Mami said...

Funny guy on the Rice Krispies website and funny John.

Astaryth said...

Love your new background! I thru something quick up for Halloween over at my blog. If I wasn't so lazy I would go into photoshop and do the rounded corners and things... but I am. ;p

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Oh, I love how you jump around! Just my style! ♥ I need to do another Ramblin' post one of these days! Hope you're having a great weekend.

Lisa said...

Pocketful of demonic thoughts. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! So, what you're saying is, you and I are soulmates right?

Your Halloween-pimped profile pic scared the crap out of me. Well done.

PJ said...

I love to eat, so anyone that names two of their blogs after food can't be all bad! Girl after my own heart!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

YAY for the girls winning their games!!!

Love me some rice krispie treats. too!!!

Helene said...

Your son's response to Pocket Full of Sunshine was priceless. Seems he inherited your awesome sense of humor!!!

Momo Fali said...

Just hearing Pocketful of Sunshine makes me think demonic thoughts, so really, they're one in the same.

diane rene said...

pocketful of demonic thoughts, huh? sounds like mine - hubby calls me the pagan wife he never knew he wanted ;0) I tell him that would hurt my feelings, if I had any ... it's ALL GOOD!
love you friday fraggin - tho I read it late, and early this morning, and totally thought it said something else - lol