Friday Fragments 3.20.2009

1. Three of the most important men in my life, were born in March. My oldest son, my husband, and my father. Interesting, no?

2. We're celebrating their birthdays this Sunday at my parents' house.

3. We're going camping on Saturday, our first camping trip of the year. I can't wait! I need this mini-vacation.

4. My MIL may be moving to England! That's where she and her family grew up, and now that she's getting divorced, she and her sister are seriously considering moving back. It would be so weird for them to be so far away! I really hope they fly us over if they do move away, though. How cool would that be?!

5. Andrew informed me this past week that he is "kind of gangstery". I asked him what that meant, and he said, "I say things like, What up, Yo?" That, my friends, is the definition of gangstery. Yo.

6 . I'm just about to hit my 300th post! And to celebrate, I'm going to do another round of Ask Me Anything. I did it for my 200th post as well. But I have a lot of new readers since then, and I figured some of you may want to ask some questions too. I'm all ears! Ask away, I'll answer pretty much anything within reason!

*Have a GREAT Weekend!*

Friday Fragments are courtesty of Half Past Kissin' Time. Go see!


April said...

Great Friday Fragments post! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! The weather here is great!

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

I hope you get to go to England too. That would be totally cool. Happy Friday!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Have fun camping. We are going on a mini vacation as well. Much needed.

Oh England....um yeah they will need your help getting settled, right!?

Have fun at the birthday celebrations!!!

A Buns Life said...

Have a great weekend and have fun with all the birthday celebrations!

John Deere Mom said...

Gangsta, yo indeed.

Mrs4444 said...

Good thing I came back here! I thought I had commented on this post on Friday, but apparently, I did not! Our family has a lot of spring birthdays. (I can only attribute it to cozy Junes.) So, is MIL moving a good thing? JUST KIDDING!!! Have fun camping!!!

Oh, and my question....What event from your child stands out most to you as a defining moment?

Rhonda said...

Can you're MIL take my MIL with her? (Oh, I so did NOT just say that!! lol) Don't tell my husband.

I love the definition of Gangstery. Yo.