Serenity Now!


As many of you already know, I work night shift at a hospital. On the seventh floor of my hospital, tucked into a corner, there's a little treasure.
It's called a Serenity Room.
In the Serenity Room, the lighting is dim. There are pretty, peaceful pictures on hanging. There are window seats. There are Serenity Prayer posters on the walls. There's even a little kitchenette.
But most importantly...there are massage chairs.
These aren't those stupid chairs like they have at the mall. You don't have to put quarters in them. You don't have to get weird looks as your eyes roll back in your head you enjoy your massage.
These things are free, and the time is unlimited. Of course, you can't fall asleep and spend hours in there.
Who would do that?
Anyhoo, they are free. They are adjustable, so after about 15 hours minutes of intense massage, you can tone it down to a slower, gentler setting.
They have leg rests that massage your calves. They are heavenly.
The one small issue I have, is that I'm short. I'm only 5'2". These things are built for giants! The part that's supposed to massage my neck and shoulders, squeezes my head. (shut UP! That is so not funny.) And I don't consider a skull fracture Serene. At all. So I have to shut that part off.
Then I set everything just right, close my eyes, and get Serenity.
Ahhhh. Lovely.
I wonder if they need anyone to work in that room full time...

**I'm going to post the last parts of the Chiari Story (4&5) over the weekend.


Melissa said...

mmmmm....massage chairs.....very nice. I want a serenity room at my house!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

hi C ~
when you told me SHUT UP etc ... i just started bursting out giggling! hahaha. thanks for the laughter.

it sounds very niiiice!

love the eyes rolling into the back of your head remark. funny girl.

nighty night, beany :)

Ness said...

So remember my midnight shifts at the hospital in ER...my favorite shift. We had a Serenity Room on the 2nd floor in Oncology. I would go up there on break some nights and read all the quotes and plaques there. I admired all who entered those halls. Never thought I would join their legion years later.

I miss working at the hospital on midnights. Thanks for sharing your serenity room. Brought a smile to my face.

Sue said...

I'm 5'. I would not want my skull crushed either, but the rest of it sounds nice!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

hi sue ~

hi C ~
you skull crushing gals are cracking me up. and i have no idea why this tickles me so much to hear you both say it. it start visualizing and the smile on my face grows bigger and the giggles just come! haha. plus, i am still on back pain meds and that might have more to do with it, too. everything is tickling me lately more than usual. see my grin? hehe.

beany :)

Momo Fali said...

Where do I send my resume?

Caffeine Court said...