It's 'My Friday' {Fragments}

Work-wise, Wednesday night was "My Friday". 
 That's common hospital-speak, and probably common in other places that are staffed 24/7. 
The last shift you work in a week is called "your Friday".
Wednesday night was My Friday and I am off until Monday night.
WELL deserved!!!  This week was insane.

SEE THIS?!?!?!?

my severe, life-threatening injury.
What do you think this is?  Snake bite maybe?
(Trust me, if it were, I'd be locked up in the mental hospital. Forever.)
It is, however, a bite.  A vicious bite from a ferocious animal.

 Her name is Coco.  She's a lop.  A vicious little lop. 

In all seriousness, she is a rescue Bunny.  Elayna's early birthday present; she has been BEGGING for a bunny.  (her birthday is next week - she will be TWELVE!!)

Coco was taken in by a woman who raises rabbits.  She was starved and near death.  So, she has a wee bit of aggression when it comes to food, and apparently when it comes to me suddenly sticking my hand in her crate.


I still love her.
I'm a sucker for a rescue.

pretty sure Mama Kitty is thinking
"that is the biggest effing mouse  I have EVER seen".

Tonight I made chicken & dumplings and baby lima beans for the whole fam-damily.
It was delicious and I so enjoyed having all three kids here.
(even my BIG KID who will be 20 YEARS OLD in a couple of months!!! EEK!)

We have some major illnesses going on in our families right now
Like "C" word illness.
I really hate that word.
Hunter's dad, particularly, is very ill.
All we can do is pray and keep him comfortable.

I need a HAPPY weekend to combat my STRESSFUL week. 
So far so good.....
Hope you have a HAPPY WEEKEND too!!!

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Tammie said...

when i first saw your life threatening injury, my first thought was, "well clearly thats a vampire bite. " im glad i was wrong. ha!

Angie said...

Be very cautious with the bunny & cat. We had two lop rabbits (the ones with really big ears) and I had them in a cage like that. I was certain the holes were too small for the cat to get it's paw through but somehow it did. It got enough hold on them that it somehow broke their necks. I was devastated. Just thought I'd share.

I hate the C word too. Our family has had our share of dealing with it :(

mimbles said...

Coco is very cute, viciousness aside :-) I was sure I was going to get bitten by one of our rabbits during the Great Bunny Escape of 2013 a couple of weeks ago but all I got was scratches. Lots and lots of scratches.

So sorry to hear of your families' illnesses, best wishes to you all.

Happy FF, hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend!

April said...

Wow...I had no idea that bunnies could chomp down like that! Sure is a cutie, though! Sorry about those in your family suffering from the 'C' word...I lost my mom and brother to that horrible disease. Praying for peace and comfort for all.

Tami said...

We had a bunny for many years. Loved that little guy. He has really really long hair, so I had to brush him a lot. There are days he was not happy about it and I was nipped. Hope you boo-boo gets better quickly.
Happy Friday!!
ps. I mailed your gift last night.

Wayne W Smith said...

When I used to work in the hospitality industry - your Friday was common too. My Friday used to be Sunday night.

Amy said...

I didn't even know bunnies could bite. Glad it wasn't worse.

Lost my dad to the C word. I'm so sorry that you and Hunter are going thru this!

Life in a Small Town said...

The "c" word sucks. (Sorry, there's no other word to describe it.)
At least now you know not to put your hand in the crate when there's food in there!

nancygrayce said...

Never had a bunny, just cats and dogs. One of my dogs will bite me, only me. I guess he feels safe and secure enough to bite me! What???

Yummy dinner!!

So sorry about the illnesses. It's a horrid thing to go through and my prayers are with your family!

Kat said...

Sassy bunny! I hope she becomes more comfortable and doesn't bite anymore. Otherwise a biting bunny isn't such a great bday present. HAHAHA! ;) It reminds me of an episode of The Middle when the parents give Brick a bunny and it ends up biting everyone and they have to keep it locked in the bathroom and throw food to it. Hehe!

I'm really sorry there are sick family members. Stupid C word. :( Sending prayers your way. HUGS!

Diane said...

Ouch! Hopefully she'll warm up once she realizes you are one of the good ones. :)

ChiTown Girl said...

Yikes, I thought you were going to say those life-threatening injuries were from a patient. Glad it was just a rogue bunny.

We've had to deal with the "C" word WAY too many times in our family. It suck major donkey balls. I hope things get better.


Myya said...

The biggest effing mouse I have ever seen... hee-hee that made me laugh.

Booo to the C word. My thoughts are with your family.

Keetha Broyles said...

Life threatening wounds from a ferocious animal! Hehehehehe

You do crack me up.

Bee said...

Bunnies are so cute, but for some reason they scare me. I think you've cemented that fear. lol

Tettelestai said...

That bunny sounds like the bunny from Monty Python's Holy Grail...you need a Holy Hand Grenade!!!

I hate the C. Too many loved ones have died from that.

Angie Church said...

praying for your family ours has been affected with the big C in the past
come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Death by Bunny???

I love Chicken and Dumplings!

Doreen McGettigan said...

I am so scared of rabbits. We had one for years and it terrorized me:)
The photo with the cat is hysterical.
I am sorry about the c-word invading your life. It is crushing my world too:(
Try to have a fabulous weekend...

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about your bunny bite. I will be keeping your family in my prayers. ((HUGS))