My baby is twelve.
Still trying to wrap my brain around that reality.

she's crafty.

she's a Belieber.
I am NOT.
I didn't purchase this gift; Hunter did.
Hunter spoils her.

I let her ice the cake.

She ate more of the icing than she actually put on the cake!
I LOVE her friends.  They are smart and friendly and funny!
In our family we celebrate birthdays for a week or two.  She celebrated at her dad's, here at home on Thursday night, again tonight with friends, and tomorrow evening we'll be celebrating with my family.

I've thrown some pretty awesome theme parties for Elayna in previous years.

One year it was a 50's Party.  Another year it was a Tea Party.
This year, I was a slacker and we didn't have a theme.  We've already decided to start planning an awesome theme party next year for the big THIRTEEN!  I'm thinking MARDI GRAS theme.  It's gonna be a blast!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.


Myya said...

Happy Birthday to your girl. Hope that your weekend is wonderful :)

Tara R. said...

Happy birthday to your not-so-baby girl.. and to you too.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday Elanya! I'm a Bieber fan too....

ChiTown Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your "baby!"

I LOVE the boys in the background of the photos with her gifts. They made me laugh out loud!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Elayna! :)

(wait till your baby is turning EIGHTEEN)

Aleta said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Those are such cute pictures :) Looks like she had fun.

Oh! Mardi Gras party! You know I'm all for that :) Mardi Gras parades are rolling right now through Mardi Gras day (Feb 12th) this year.

Tami said...

With or without a theme, it looks like she had a BLAST! Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!

Kat said...

TWELVE!!! ACK! The last year as a preteen. Wow.
Happy Birthday to your fabulous 12 year old! :)