A Likely Story

Last March I was in a car accident and the only thing hurt was my hair.

I am not quite sure how, but a large section of my hair was cut off pretty close to the root.  I think it was from me crawling out of the broken window while the car was upside down.

I have been able to camouflage it pretty well, especially once it grew out a little.  But every time I've had my hair cut since then, I've had to tell the story to the stylist about why I have a random chunk hair that's shorter than the rest.
This Friday when I got my hair cut once again, I realized that I'm getting tired of telling the car accident story.  It just gets old.  So I decided to make up a few stories to have on hand for the next time I get my hair done, that are more entertaining than the old, true version.


5. Tragic bubble gum accident.

4. Honey badger.  He really doesn't care.

3. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE A PATCH OF SHORT HAIR?!  I didn't have one this morning!!!!

2. It was ran over by a forklift.  My man Sugar Bear was driving.


....and the number one reason I have a freak chunk of short hair:

1. The rest of it was stolen in Vietnam.  In Vietnam they will steal your tires while you're driving down the road and you would never know it. Hey, they would steal your radio with the music still playing.


Amy @ Clan Carlson said...

Oh, how you make me laugh. <3 I needed that. :)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I like #3. That's my favorite!

Diane said...

Hilarious. You just made me laugh out loud. For Real!

And I had no idea you were in a serious accident last year. How scary!

April said...

I really admire your sense of humor! Did you catch last night episode of "Honey Boo Boo" where June prepared Thanksgiving dinner and made cranberry lasagna using 12cans of cranberry sauce with sugar sprinkled on top? I can't stop watching that show!

Amy said...

That's funny!

ChiTown Girl said...

Girl, you so crazy!!

Aleta said...

OMG, those stories are great! Try them out and let us know how people react :)

Kat said...

Hahaha! You are hilarious!

Wait, you were in a car accident last year where you had to crawl out of the car while it was upside down and I didn't know about it? Did I miss that post or are you just telling us now? I feel like a horrible bloggy friend!

Myya said...

Ohhh my gosh you had me laughing sooo hard. Funny stuff right there! :)

Helene said...

Oh. My. Gosh. These are all great, but I especially like #2! Could you imagine the look on the stylist's face????