Complimentary Listicles

Today's Listicles topic is 10 Compliments. One of the things I love about the Listicles is that you can kind of do whatever you want within the topic.  I decided to split it into two lists - 5 compliments I love to RECEIVE, and 5 compliments I love to GIVE.

Years ago I had a co-worker who made my day on a regular basis.  She was so free with her compliments; when she noticed something, she said it.  "That color looks great on you, your hair looks so good today..." etc.  I noticed that she was so well-liked and people were just drawn to her, because she made people feel good.  Since then I try to be more free with MY compliments.  Especially with my kids, because I think they are big self-esteem boosters.Like....


1. You did a GREAT JOB with _______.
2. I love the way you did _______.  I try but mine never turns out as well as yours!
3. Can you help me with _____? You are so much better at it than I am!
4. You are so good at _____. 
5. This food is delicious!  Can I get the recipe?

I used to be really bad about taking compliments.  I always tried to combat it with something negative...it was weird. When I realized what I was doing, I made myself stop.  Now, I just say THANK YOU and force myself to shut up! lol


1. You can't possibly be 39, I thought you were about 25!
2. Your house smells SO good.  (I have a thing about my house smelling realllly good! Tarts/candles/plug-ins are always in use!)
3. Thank you for being such a great caregiver.
4. Any compliment or thank you coming from my kids....of course.
5. This food is delicious!  Can I get the recipe?

How about you?  Compliments - do you give them? Can you take them? 


Kat said...

What a fun list! I love giving commpliments too. The trick is to really mean it so that people can feel your sincerity and not just that you are blowing smoke, ya know?
Also, when I was in high school my youth pastor mentioned that he liked that I could take a compliment. I had no idea what he was talking about but he explained that there is nothing worse than when you give someone a compliment and then they argue with you ("Oh no I'm not!") and make you feel stupid for even saying it. I thought about that often after that. I always worried that if I just said, "thank you" then the person would think that I agreed with them so most of the time I would just say, "aww. that's so nice of you to say." That way you compliment them back without saying that you agree with what they are saying (yeah, my hair DOES look super awesome) but they know you appreciate it. :)
Good grief, I think I've thought about this far too much, no? ;)

Tammie said...

ive been making an active attempt to give more compliments and accept them graciously.

one compliment i like to give is : "I love what you're wearing."

i feel like this takes the focus off of the persons body and puts it on their clothes, which, if im giving this compliment to them, theyve probably put a lot of thought into. color combos/style/accessory choices/etc.

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm with you on the accepting thing. I used to just suck at it. I was always so self-deprecating. "What?! My hair is a MESS!" "THIS shirt?! It's actually too tight." You get the idea. Now, I make a concerted effort to just say, "Thank you." and shut the hell up!

I try to give compliments as often as I can. If see something I like, I say so! But, when someone isn't good at taking a compliment, I never take it personally, since I remember being in that place. I think it's partly embarrassment, ya know?

Diane said...

I use number 3 a lot when asked to help with the math homework. Seriously, I don't know why they even come to me for help with math! Sometimes I get lucky and it's something I can actually figure out but usually I look at it sideways, scratch my head, scrunch up my forehead, twist my mouth around and then yell out, "Charlie! Can you help him with this? You are SO MUCH BETTER at math than I am!" And that is no lie.

Amy said...

You're always so positive! It's one of the things that draws me to you and your blog. :)

Jackie said...

I love how #5 is basically the same on both lists! It is true though, those small strokes to our egos do make us feel that much better!

Unknown Mami said...

I used to be bad at taking compliments to until I listened to myself one time and realized what a jerk I was being.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Really enjoyed the compliments you like to get! I have learned to take compliments as I have aged. Didn't like them when I was younger. I do love to give them!

Momo Fali said...

I have just started being able to accept compliments with a, "Thank you." I think it's much easier to hand them out than it is to take them.

Cocalores said...

Ha, I always feel weird getting compliments, too, even if I "deserved" them!

Kimberly said...

I find it very awkward to get compliments. Mostly because I have very low self esteem that when I hear a compliment, I think they're just trying to be nice...I know that just sounded so Debbie Downer ish.
My friend who is a professor of english told me that I have amazing writing ability and that I should write a book. I was blown away by that. My doctor reads my blog too (don't ask) and she said I should do the same.
I also love to tell people about their food. Plus you get their recipes!!

Jill said...

GREAT list! I'm the same way about compliments on how my house smells. Love 'em and love a good smellin' house!

I really need to learn to accept a compliment. So I just say 'thank you' and shut my mouth?! We'll see how that works out...

Stasha said...

Love the way you did this. It is important to give and receive compliments. These are lovely and sincere!!