My Happy List

Here's what's making me happy right now:

1. My kids are home from Spring Break. They spent the week with their dad (& Andrew spent it with his grandma, my MIL).

2. I am all unpacked & organized.

3. My rose garden.

4. My vegetable garden that I planted this weekend....let's hope the veggies actually grow, which will make me very happy!

5. My clothesline, AND my working dryer.

6. The rabbits, wild turkeys, and various other wildlife we have seen out here in the woods.

7. Hot showers at the end of an exhausting day.

8. Teenage daughters who cook dinner (it was just frozen pizza, but I didn't have to do a THING. And that's awesome.)

9. 10 year old daughters who wash dishes.

10. The kids' soccer team winning their first game last Saturday.

What's making you happy these days?


Christina Newman said...

Awesome post!

What's making me happy?

1. Bread pudding for dessert just like grandma used to make.

2. Feeling up for making dessert.

3. My hubby being off today!

4. Spending the morning at the library doing research for my book with my hubby.

5. Dreaming of settling in tonight with a glass of wine and a good book (about gardening).

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's a great list, so happy for you.

Amy said...

Awesome happy list!

Alena said...

I love the soccer picture ♥

What makes me happy today? My dog loves grapes!

Gina said...

love your blog today :)
keep up the great work

hugs n blessings

Melani said...

Great List! My list would be like this:

1. That kids are napping now!
2. My health, for the most part.
3. My kids, who do chores, even at 5.5 yrs old.
4. Wonderful husband who is teaching teens how to drive
5. The warm weather, for now.
6. My parents
7. God
But not necessarily in that order!

Amy said...

It's baseball season and I am an addict. My baby is a freshman and made varsity for the high school team. I repeat- I am an addict. I am happy. ; )

WhisperingWriter said...

I need to train my kids to do the dishes.

Sandra said...

Your list made me happy...and your list makes me wish my kids would cook dinner and do the dishes! Way to go Cindy!

Tammie said...

i love your happy list and i definitely want to see shots of your garden in the future.

Myya said...

GREAT list!!! So glad things are Happy right now, you guys deserve HAPPY!!!

Shawna said...

You saying you're happy to be unpacked and organized reminds me of what's making me unhappy right now. We're driving from Alabama to Texas to visit my family next week. I can't wait to see my mom, but thinking about packing and being in the car with 3 kids for a couple of days is making me feel sick.