Fun? Is that You?? HEY I remember YOU!

This past week and weekend, I was reintroduced to an old friend.
It's my old friend FUN!  
I hadn't seen fun in AGES.
It was a very happy reunion!

Then on Saturday, Elayna had the opportunity to be a bat girl for the 2012 Softball World Series!
She was bat girl for a team from New Hampshire on Saturday.  She had a blast!

I had planned on taking the girls to the Springs this weekend
(something I'd been wanting to do forEVER but things kept coming up).
Then we were invited to go to the springs with friends!  So of course, we accepted.
Despite it being overcast most of the day, we had a good time.

We swim with the fishies!

The friends who invited me are a couple, both of whom I went to school with.  But they just started dating recently.  They reconnected through Facebook...just like I reconnected with both of THEM through Facebook.  The girl was one of my best friends throughout childhood & high school but we had drifted apart in adulthood.  When it comes to stuff like this - I LOVE Facebook!

Sidenote: I apologize for all the vague postings recently. If you want to know a little more of what's going on, shoot me an email.  But regardless, thank you for supporting me even though you had no idea what I was talking about half of the time!  ;-)  Love you guys.  And hopefully this crap will be kept to a minimum from here on out.

Hope you had as great of a weekend as we did!  

Unknown Mami


Amy @ Clan Carlson said...

Woo hoo, awesome update! Glad to see you enjoying yourself!

Nita Davis said...

It certainly does look like you and your old friends, 'fun' included, had a wonderful reunion. May you have many more enjoyable reunions.

Anonymous said...

We had a nice, relaxing weekend, thank you :)
Reunions are (mostly) fun!
Have a good week!

Unknown Mami said...

So glad you and fun got reacquainted and of course I want to know more details about the first pic!

Kat said...

Yay for some fun! I know you've really been through it lately. Getting a little fun in there is so important. I've been trying too. ;)
Great post! :)

Amy said...

Glad you ended up having a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am glad you had fun this weekend...just like me! Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello...it is always nice to visit another blogging Floridian ;)

ChiTown Girl said...

Yay! Glad you found your fun. And glad there's a "handsome gentleman" for you to dish about soon!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It all sounds perfect!