*I'm not here.
I'm scheduling this post because, if all goes as planned, we're leaving for a camping trip on Friday.
Me, my girls, my FriendWhoNeedsaNameOnThisBlog, and his daughter who I call Bee.  I can't call him by the first letter of his name because it's J, and there are way too many J's in my life/past.
Maybe I'll spell it out like Bee and just call him Jay.  I think I like that.
Anyway.  Hopefully it won't rain us out and I'll have some fun stories & pics to share next week!

* I was listening to a "Top 40 Countdown" radio show the other night.  A man wrote in and among other things said "We named my daughter Alexandria - Alexis for short".  And I screamed "No. NO.  You can't do that, it just does not work that way!"  Are you with me on this??  That's like saying I named my son Timothy but we call him Tyler for short.  OK maybe not quite the same but still...NO.  You can't do that. 
(you scream at the radio/tv too.  right?!)

* There's a new addition to our family.

I was tossing around names and Toby was one that popped in my head.  Later when Elayna saw his picture, she immediately said "I think we should name him Toby", and she had no idea I'd thought of that!  So obviously, that's his name!  He's a flame point siamese (probably mixed with something).  The litter was found by a dumpster, then he was adopted by a family whose son ended up being allergic.  Thus, he is now ours!

* Irony: Someone posting comments on my blog with a fake name & no-reply status, accusing me of not having the "balls" to publish the comment. I, for one, am 100% female and don't CLAIM to have balls. Ew.

* Some of you know this, but I have a private blog in addition to this one.  I post stuff of a more personal nature there.  I have a recent post up there, and plan to post more stuff in the near future.  If you want access to it and I trust you....let me know.  ;-)

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Tara R. said...

I hope you all have a great camping trip, enjoy! Toby is adorable.

Re: your private blog... you know I'm all sorts of nosy.

Mrs4444 said...

Shoot. How do I get to that blog again?? (Sorry)

I hope you are roasting marshmallows as we speak! (and you are all hooked-up, btw)

Trolls love to bait people. I'm proud to call you my friend; only foolish people fall for that crap.

Thanks for playing FF. Have FUN!

Keetha Broyles said...

I scream at my tv all the time - - - and if those coaches would just LISTEN to me, we could have won a lot more football games. ;-)

I think his name is Toby.

I HATE rude comments and especially when they are anonymous or under a false pseudonym. So - - - who doesn't have b_ _ _ _? Methinks the anonymous commenter, that's what methinks!

Amy said...

Not only do I agree with the above posters about Mr/Ms anonymous, I'll take it one step further. I don't allow private/anonymous comments on my blog. If they don't have the respect or pride to stand behind what they have to say, they are welcome to click the little "x" in the corner and stay the H*LL off my blog! That's what you call a TROLL. Someone just looking to start crap and cause trouble. Troll = trash. Period.

Toby is adorable!

And lastly... Do you mean that you're not supposed to yell at the tv? Really? I bought a big screen so the baseball players would look more lifelike while I was screaming at them. ;)

PS: have fun camping!

ChiTown Girl said...

Sista, you KNOW I'd love to be all up in your business!!

Hope you and the gang are having a great time camping. :)

Tammie said...

toby totally looks like a toby.

i love the name jay. :)

"alexandria. alexis for short" WTF is that???

Wayne W Smith said...

Happy camping. May all of the mosquitoes have chosen this weekend to go on their vacation.

CDScott said...

First time here via Friday Fragments. Have a great camping trip!

Tami said...

Enjoy your camping trip. We did that as a family for years and really liked it a lot. Makes me wonder why we stopped.

Bless you for adopting Toby. He is adorable and I'm sure loving his new home.

Unknown Mami said...

Toby is lovely. I think you should refer to the gentleman as your Man-Friend.

Aleta said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time camping. You're braver than me :) Give me a cabin in the woods and I'm a happy "camper" but that's as far as I go in nature :)

Your friend that needs a name... hmm, what's a funny description of your friend, that would be a cute name for your friend on your blog :)

That cat is SO a Toby! The minute I read your name, I thought, "Perfect!" Cool that you had confirmation :)

I love Siamese cats :) I have a chocolate Siamese :)

And yes, I'd love to read your personal blog. In fact, I'm toying around with making my blog personal. I'm back and forth on it though.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hope you call him Toby. He is so darn cute! Have a fantastic weekend.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

@Amy - I actually don't allow Anonymous comments. This person actually took the time to make a fake gmail account just to troll my blog. It's sad that there are people this insane & bored out there.