It's that time of year...

Time for the Back to School photo spread!

I had a roller coaster weekend. Some crappy stuff happened, some really good stuff happened.
I'm choosing to focus on the GOOD STUFF!
The rest of it can kiss my butt!
The kids met their teachers on Friday. We love Elayna's teacher; we're a little unsure about Andrew's teacher but we're thinking positive. We helped Shelbie find all of her classes at her freshman orientation.
We had a pretty relaxed weekend, with 3 extra kids over at various times throughout the weekend.
Then, Monday was the big day. My son, Tim, who is a senior this year, drove himself and Shelbie to school. My co-workers helped me out so that I could leave work early and walk in with the small fries, who started fourth grade.

(click to see 'em bigger)

Tim, texting his girlfriend, no doubt.

Shelbie, wearing her new school's colors.

Andrew & Elayna

Elayna's cool shoes

Layna at her desk

Andrew & John, waiting to go into school

This was the first year of the Uniform Requirements, and I thought all of the kids looked really good. I also found shopping very easy with the uniform requirements. So, no complaints here, so far.

They all had great first days, and I'm kind of glad to get back into the routine!
Tomorrow, the Small Fries will ride the bus home for the first time ever. They're excited but a little nervous. I made them little bus-shaped cards with the bus number on it, because they were worried about forgetting which bus to get on. They loved them! Please cross your fingers that my children make it home on the school bus tomorrow. LOL!

Hope y'all are having a good week.
Did your kids go back to school yet?


Erin said...

The new school year for my oldest doesn't start until Sept 7th, and my youngest starts 1/2 day pre-preschool and I am SOOOOO nervous!

All the kids look so amazing, what great uniforms! I think it's a must have for every school!

Mel said...

My kids went back to school last Wednesday. That was a different experience for us as we never started school in the middle of the week. I'm assuming its to save on the budget or something. So far nothing to out of the ordinary though my 7th grader tells me that school is retarded and the 4th grader had a melt down when he had to do homework today., Ha its going to be a fun year. Hope its a good one for you and yours to!

Lindsay-ann said...

Your kids all look so smart in their school uniforms. Love Shelbie's bright colored shirt and Elayan'a cute shoes. Glad you were able to take the little ones to school on their first day. I wish them good luck with the school bus and I am sure they will be fine. Is it one of those yellow school buses we see in movies? I just have this week left of summer break but Jessica has one extra week to me - lucky girl! It's 9:30 am and she is still in bed. It's pouring with rain and so dark it could almost be winter!

Manic Mother said...

OMG high school! Scary times for sure. I had a hard time with kindergarten...

Kathy said...

J started HS on Friday the 13th... he thought that was extremely cool!
He also has to wear a uniform... nothing to drastic...khaki or blue shorts/pants and a choice of golf shirts in five different colors. My only peeve is that we can only buy from Land's End as the shirts must have the school name embroidered on it.
M started 7th grade on Friday.. same one as J went to. We LOVE it and so does she... so far, so good!

Kristina P. said...

I actually have to work now!

diane rene said...

oh I love the uniform idea - even my kids are onboard with it, both saying that picking out clothes would be SO much easier ... but our school has no plans to go that route :(

hope all works well with the bus and the kids are enjoying getting back into the swing of school!

shortmama said...

Such great looking group of kiddos!

Hope they all have a great school year!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Saying a prayer that it's nothing but good stuff this week. XO!

LOVE Elayna's shoes. I would sooo wear those at 37!! :o)

Tammie said...

my kids dont go back to school until september 9. pray that i last that long. ha!

the uniforms look great.

Kirby3131 said...

I had to ride the bus from 6th grade through 12. I swear that I worried I'd get on the wrong bus every day after school LOL I think because it did happen once, but of course I figured it out right away.

Great photos of the kids :)

Kristin - The Goat

Brandy said...

they look so cute. i love uniforms. I wish I could've worn uniforms in school.

Kel said...

Welcome back to another year - sounds like it's off to a great start so far and the kids all looked so awesome. We don't have uniforms...i always wonder how the kids would do - I think I would def do better with the school shopping.

Hope your week is better than your weekend.

Ramblin' Red said...

CUTE!! My older kids started last Wednesday, and they are loving life - and SO AM I!! I feel terrible for saying so, but OMG are the days so much easier to deal with.

Hope your week is better than the weekend and see you around more.

Myya said...

I never wanted uniforms as a kid because I thought your sense of style makes you kind of unique (I never had uniforms), but now as a mom with one about to start school I kinda think uniforms wouldn't be so bad. You never have to fight with them what to wear & you know exactly what to buy :)
Your kiddos look GREAT! I love love LOVE Elayna's shoes!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love first day of school pictures. Your kids are beautiful. My hubs wants our schools to go to uniforms too. It would sure make shopping easier.

Debby said...

Hope they have a wonderful school year. They look so cute. I remember how exciting those days were for my children.

Melani said...

The kids look great and I love love love those shoes with the butterfly! They are my fav's!

My oldest was supposed to start school ummm today! but no one from his dad's house told us, so he didn't go, they didn't have any paperwork done...they are lame!

My 2 girls start Sept. 1st...Kindergarten and a Sophomore, yay!

I am sure they rode the bus home fine and you are so creative, I am sure they love anthing you make them!

Seizing My Day said...

I am still in denial!! We always start school the wed after labor day weekend... really... a great time to start... but... this year... I just want summer to last forever!! *sigh* we have one more camping trip before school starts... weather predicted is kinda wet... maybe THAT will make me want to get back into the school routine!! ha ha!

ps love the uniform idea! it would simplify one area of life anyway!