Better Late Than Never

I'm coming in way late on the Fragging today! We've been kind of busy for the last couple of days. Now we're at my Mother-In-Law's for the weekend. They're out of town, and MIL's dog, Roxanne, is very old and takes medicine several times a day. So we're here taking care of Roxanne, who I call my dogsister-in-law. ;o)

Snail Mail friends! I'm very interested in learning how your snail mailing is going. So, I'm going to do a link up next week. I'm going to do it Wednesday, so hopefully that gives you plenty of time. I'd just like for you to do a post about how it's going, anything special or fun you've received or experienced, or whatever you feel like posting about. It's not a requirement, just something I thought would be fun.
Also, if you haven't already, please share each others' birthdays and other special occasion dates. I just realized I missed one of my Snail Mail partner's birthdays last month, and I felt so bad! It never occurred to me to ask for that. Duh!
Also, if you haven't signed up yet but would like to, just email me! It's ongoing so it's never too late, and in fact I have one person waiting for a partner right now.
One more thing - Andrew has seen Elayna exchanging mail with her partner and wants in, too. So if anyone knows a boy around 10 years old (or younger) who would like a pen pal, let me know. He loves video games & Silly Bandz, and won't take the time to write often I'm sure, so no pressure, LOL.

Speaking of Andrew....last night all of my kids were at their Dad's house, celebrating their baby sister's 2nd birthday. John was at work, so it was just me and Andrew at home. We ordered pizzas and watched movies, and Andrew said it was a GREAT night. =) I wish I had more one on one time like that with all of the kids, it's so much fun!

My eyes have been bothering me for the past few days, so I went to the clinic at work to get them checked out. Turns out I have conjunctivitis, and I can't work again until they clear me! So, I get an unexpected long weekend. Crazy!

Speaking of conjunctivitis...Andrew said to me last night, "Mama, Daddy said you have conjitis."
I said, "Actually, it's called conJUNCTIVitis."
And he said...."DRUNKtivitis??"
That sounds like a good name for a bad hangover!

I've found the perfect peanut butter cookie recipe! But you'll have to go over to my food blog, Southern Loving, to see it.

Alright, time to wrap up this very late version of Friday Fragments! Hope you all have a great weekend, and don't forget to visit Mrs 4444's for more Fragging Fun!

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Kirby3131 said...

I was just thinking about my snail mail partner and that I hadn't send out something yet this month.

I always thought it was fun to house-sit for someone. It always made me rethink the way I use my house, or arrange my kitchen, etc. I always came home with ideas LOL

Kristin - The Goat

Myya said...

Drunktivitis come on admit it, that is what is REALLY going on!

Sandra said...

Loved your Friday Fragments! Now here's a blog hop I was not familiar with, but I know I would love it! what a great concept.
...btw, sorry to hear about your drunktivitus...I hear hair-of-the-dog-that-bit you can cure that right up!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cyndy
I will post something snail mail related on Wednesday. I am really enjoying being your partner. When is your birthday?
Hope the dog sitting is going ok! Hope your eyes clear up soon.

Debby said...

Nice of you to take care of their dog. Sorry about the eye :( I am glad that Andrew liked the one on one time.

Erin said...

Snail mail? Fill me in...where have I been that I missed out on this?

Drunktivitis HAHA that's comedy!

Karen MEG said...

Drunktivitis sounds much more fun than conjunctivitis - hope yours clears soon! Cutie pie dog too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tammie said...

hey there. my snail mail partner never sent me anything. (in her defense she hasnt blogged much either so i think she may have a lot going on.) or maybe she thought i was a freak and didnt want to write me back. ha.

either way, i'd love to have another partner. if i ever hear back from number one, im sure i can juggle both.

Seizing My Day said...

So This summer I have NOT been a fabulous Snail Mail friend!! =( Poor Dina! But I will make it up to her!! =) I SO need Fall and Routine again ... as much as I am not ready!! I am now going to your cooking blog... I love to cook/bake too! ;)

Brandy@YDK said...

i babysat a friend's dog once and it gave our dogs fleas. I was so mad.