Monday Mish-Mash (I just made that up. heh)

It's the Weekend Wrap-Up, Meat-Free/Meatless Monday, Back to School post!

Weekend Wrap-Up~~
We went camping this weekend at a Springs located in a State Park. We really enjoyed ourselves. We saw turtles, fish, and deer up close & personal.
The highlight: Elayna saw shooting stars for the first time ever. This place is way out in the woods and you can see so many stars, it's truly amazing. We laid on the dock and watched the sky on Saturday night after dinner. She saw four shooting stars. She was thrilled!
The low-light: I had about 10 years taken off of my life on Saturday afternoon. I won't say the name of the backwoods hillbilly redneck town, we'll just call it ScaryLand. We went to the Super Walmart at ScaryLand to pick up a few things for our cook-out. We've been there before and it never fails to shock and disgust. We've seen people who literally look like they just walked out of a freak show, people whose parents HAVE to be brother and sister, and a man in the women's bathroom. So needless to say, we're cautious about going there. Halfway there, I turn around and look at Elayna, and realize she's wearing nothing but her swimsuit. Fantastic! A cute young girl in a swimsuit at the Super WalMart of ScaryLand. It's too late to turn around. So, we're rushing around, grabbing the things we need, and I turn around and don't see Elayna ANYWHERE. I said, "Where's Layna?" and STILL she did not appear. I swear my heart jumped into my throat. I just knew that a ScaryMan from ScaryLand had stolen my bathing-suit-clad baby. Thank GOD, she was just behind John the entire time! My heart still hasn't quite returned to its normal rate.

Meatless/Meat-Free Monday:
Did you remember to try a day without meat? Tonight we're having bean & cheese burritos with sour cream and salsa, and corn on the side. And, it's day 17 Meat-Free for me!

Back to School:
Today, I had two 3rd graders, one 8th grader, and one 11th grader start school. Old lady say WHAT? I swear I just blinked and this just happened! Don't.Blink. Shockingly, Miss Queen of Organization didn't remember to get fresh batteries for the real camera. *eyeroll* So I present to you, crappy cell phone Back to School pics!

Shelbie...13 going on 21. *gulp*

Andrew, a little nervous!

Elayna, with crazy eyes...(excuse the vacuum cord)

I have the coolest, Rocker Chick 3rd grader in the whole school. I LOVE her style!

my 3rd graders =)

(Tim was back with his Dad so I have no 11th grader pictures! But I talked to him and he had a good first day.)

Please pray For Ezra tomorrow.

How was your weekend?
Have a great week!


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I hate shopping in Walmart. That would have scared me to death to lose a munchkin in there!

Love your kiddos pix! And the Rocker Pink shoes!

mommaof4wife2r said...

cheese burritos...yummo! def one of my favs! so i have to know...do you add onions? and i love the pink chuck taylor's! so awesome! and what great looking kids!

Unknown Mami said...

You had me scared with the Walmart story.

Kel said...

Scary Wal-Marts....you can ALWAYS find scary people at WalMart (trust me, I go there alot). Glad you had a wonderful camping trip.

Have a great week!!
ps...the name (mish-mash) is cute :)

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Have a great day ~ and hope your kids have a great school year! They're cuties!! Enjoy while you have!

Tiaras said...

every time we to Walmrt I will not - NOT - let my kids out of the shopping cart - I swear! I hate that fricking store so much - FREAKS there!!