Bits of Brilliance ~ RTT

I haven't done this in a while, and the time is right for a Random Tuesday Thoughts post!

Random Thought #1: I put this quote up on my Facebook Wall over the weekend:
"Three things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, The Moon and the Truth."~Buddha
My brilliant friend Renee posted this bit of wisdom afterwards: "by truth he meant the crazy ;)".
See? Brilliant. And so relevant to my life at this time! Renee blogs over at Whatever Dude, but not nearly enough. Renee, you have to blog more and share your brilliance with the rest of the world. Being pregnant and having 3 boys is no excuse!

Speaking of crazy, Random Thought #2: My current favorite song line is from a country song by Billy Currington. "God is great, beer is good....and people are crazy." Brilliant!
(yeah, I'm dealing with a lot of crazy in my life right now. And unfortunately, it's not the good kind of crazy.)

Random Thought #3: My youngest daughter, Elayna, who is 8 years old, loves to read SO much. I love it! She's a bookworm like her Mama. I recently purchased a book light for her which she had been begging for. Then this weekend, she said to me, "Mommy, I wish books were waterproof so I could take them into the bath with me." So, I introduced her to the fine art of reading in the tub without getting your book wet. Like mother, like daughter! She is going to be brilliant, I'm sure of it.

Random Thought #4: At the Free Friday concert this weekend, we saw Caitlin Eadie perform. This girl is brilliant because she is incredibly friendly to her audience. She let the little kids come up on stage and dance with her, which made a huge impression on Elayna and my friend's daughter, Savanna! And the teenage boys who were with us were quite impressed as well, buying her CD's and getting her autograph. This girl has a bright future ahead of her! She impressed everyone from young kids to parents. Brilliant!

(NOT brilliant - my camera's batteries died so all I have are crappy cell phone pics. *sigh*)

Savanna dancing with Caitlin
Savanna and Elayna dancing with Caitlin
Savanna and Elayna
Caitlin dancing with the girls

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& have a great Tuesday!


Kori said...

Great bits there. Hope your craziness gets better soon.

Kel said...

Crazy is as crazy does! :)

Sorry you have so much crazy in your life...hope it calms down soon. The concert looked fun - I can't believe how many wonderful outdoor concerts you got to see, that just makes for a great summer, don't you think?!

Have a happy Tuesday!!

Tammie said...

im dealing with bad crazy too. hopefully things will calm down for both of us soon. :)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love that song!! The old man reminds me of my dad...The way he looks!

I am right there with you on the crazies!!! I wish it would calm down here in my neck of the woods!

Kathy said...

I cannot ever take a bath without getting my hands wet so I have portable CD player and I listen to books on CD.

Karen in Texas said...

Brilliant Cyndy!!

Anonymous said...

I really hope the crazy goes away girlie. REALLY.

Casey said...

I've also recently discovered that most people are crazy. I wonder why I never noticed it before?

I'm "officially" representing Keely today...consider her represented. So I'm day late but I'm trying!

Twisted Fencepost said...

#1 - so true
#2 - love that song too
#3 - sounds like a good idea. I'm going to run some bath water now.
#4 - never heard of her, but it sounds like she has a bright future ahead of her.

Tiaras said...

your daughter reading is great! Sounds like me when I was a child