Blondes Provide More Fun

Everybody loves a good blonde joke, right? You have to admit there are some really funny ones out there.

Why were there 6 bullet holes in a mirror?
A blonde tried to commit suicide!

But in the DysFUNctional home, we are blessed with our very own blonde. And she provides daily humor for all of us!
Shelbie is smart. She makes excellent grades in school. But she's also a tiny bit of an airhead.
The other day on the way to her ortho appointment, she had me and John cracking up. First of all, I guess I was talking about the other kids to John and didn't mention Shelbie, and she burst out with "What am I, fried chicken???"

Then, she was telling us that at school, all of the students in her class had to do a project in which they write a word for each letter of their name. Like this:

C: captivating
Y: youthful
N: nice
D: delightful
Y: young

You know, totally modest stuff. So, Shelbie is working on hers and asks her friends, "What should I put for 'I'?" One of her friends suggested "intelligent" and Shelbie replied.........

"How do you spell that?"

Disclaimer: this was blogged with Shelbie's knowledge & full permission. In fact last night she asked "Did you blog about me yet???"


LceeL said...

She sounds like a winner. You're so lucky.

Unknown Mami said...

Very, very funny!

Lori said...

LMAO! My Sassy is the same way. We call those things she says "Sassyisms". There are many times where we call each other and say, you gotta hear what she said today. LOL And she's a blonde too.

Erin said...

That is so funny! Gotta love the blonde jokes!

Kim said...

I would get along with your daughter famously.. hahahaha

Aleta said...

Fried Chicken - hehe. She sounds adbsolutely adorable!

Manic Mother said...

Quit blonde bashing, I know where you live ;)

♥ Becky ♥ said...

So cute!!!! Cracked me up. But you know what, I'm not blonde and it would happen the same way with me.

Frogs in my formula said...

That's a pretty funny blonde joke. Cute post. We all have our blonde moments. I know I've had my fair share.

By the way, most of my friends are blonde (I'm brunette) and it is 100% true that blondes have more fun.

Tiaras said...

cutie - love that name - shelbie - btw!!