Poop, F-bombs, and DysFUNction.

Mostly, I try to keep things really positive here on my blog. I do believe in positive thinking, and I'm just not one to dwell on the negative, in any aspect of my life.

But sometimes I wonder if I give the wrong impression.

In my world, everyone actually isn't a pony. And we don't eat rainbows or poop butterflies.

Trust me. They forget to flush a LOT. That stuff ain't butterflies.

So, I thought I'd blog about a few not-so-pretty things.

* I yell. I'm a yeller. I used to SCREAM, though. That was ugly. Now I just yell. Much better! (seriously, it is.)

* I am one of the most impatient people you will ever meet.

* My sense of humor is totally dark & disturbed.

* I'm a procrastinator. Why do today what I can put off until next week?

* Although I do tend to not stress out much, we do have our share of worries. Such as...

- aging parents/grandparents. (and an aging dog - my little shadow, Suzie, is 16!)
- loved ones overseas in the military.
- recession, pay cuts, $$$$!!
- an old house which we LOVE but is also a temperamental old beast.
- old cars which we also love (especially the fact that they're paid for!) but are also temperamental.

* I am a temperamental old beast.

* John and I never fight. We rarely even disagree. What's the negative, you ask? How the heck are you supposed to have makeup sex when you never fight?! We're going to have to work on this.

So, there you have it. The dark, dysFUNctional negative side of my life.

Have a wonderfully dysFUNctional weekend!!!


Rocksee said...

You and I sound pretty similar.. I've tried so many times to stop cussing.. but it always sneeks back in there.

I yell, I procrastinate.

And I am glad I am not the only one who is the bad guy and the Hubs believes he's the angel..

I think that if people knew what he was really like they wouldn't think he was a sweet Catholic boy..


Tammie said...

im a screamer and a yeller too. it makes me feel better and after i yell, i can think straight.

i love the f word. when its inappropriate to say it, im usually thinking it in my head.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

What you call dark and negative, I call normal! :)


♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

TGIF!!!!! My F word is FRIDAY!!!! ♥

Karen in Texas said...

You'd fit right in with my family Cyndy. You sure you ain't related to anybody in Texas?

Kim said...

I swear way to much.. sometimes I try to use silly words like fluck instead of the f-bomb..but most of the time it does not work..

And patience went far away from me once I had kids..hahaha

Stormy Vawn Bradley said...

Cute post. U sound human and FUN. :-)

April said...

You sure laid it on the line this morning...good for you! Don't you feel much better now? LOL! Have a super weekend!

Mrs4444 said...

We have a LOT in common!! :)

Issas Crazy World said...

My husband and I rarely fight either. (Yesterday being an exception to that.) But make-up sex might be worth the argument. Ha.

Love that evil kitteh picture. So freaking awesome.

Also, your header is amazing.

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

That cat is sooo creepy looking! Love the last picture too.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

me - no patience
me - also a yeller
me - swear way TOO much!!

I think we'd be fast friends!!

Helene said...

We're like two peas in a pod or as Forrest Gump would say we go to gether like peas and carrots.

I have the same characteristics....I yell a lot (oh and I totally get what you mean about the difference between yelling and screaming), I'm so impatient that it's downright painful for me to wait for anything and I've been accused of having a pretty wierd sense of humor. Oh well, we gotta keep life interesting and fun, rigth?

Mrsbear said...

It's good to know you're not all sunshine and roses. Refreshing actually. ;) I love the F word, but I rarely get a chance to use it anymore since the kids are pretty much attached at my hip 24/7. But when they're gone, look out, I'm like a sailor.

Kel said...

hahaha...now that was cute! The dark side...who knew?! :)

Tinabean said...

I can so relate to you on so many levels.
You are to funny.

Lori said...

The only thing we don't have in common is the procrastination. I hate putting things off. I hate running at the last minute and when other people do, that causes me to yell and drop F bombs. So those 2 faults aren't really my fault. Others bring the worst out in me. That's my story.........

Aubrey said...

That last one CRACKED ME UP! You are too funny!

I am a yeller too. I think I yelled all day today. My toddler is on my last nerve. Hooray for summer! Now I can leave him with my teen and be out for the day! LOL

Tara R. said...

Sounds like a support group in the making, or we were all separated at birth.

Kelly's Ideas said...

You sound like me!!!! I'm working on the F bombs... one of the first words my kid learned was F#!% after I dropped something on the floor - she walked around chanting the word and I was hoping she'd stop before my husband came home - he hates my potty mouth.. I'm a yeller my kids don't hear me anymore - so I yell louder..or maybe I broke their eardrums.. I used to really fight with my husband but after 20 years of marriage and The Love Dare - I've improved.. most of the time.
Thank you for making me laugh out loud today.


Ramblin' Red said...

I'm so intrigued....like really, it was a huge revelation to me that you are such an f-bomber. I used to be, and it's like an accent with me, if I'm around certain people it comes back very readily. Too readily imho, as God has convicted me on this issue.

I lol'd at your first revelation though....doesn't it seem like so many people try to pull that shiz off? BTW shiz is my fave alternative swear ;)

I am also a procrastinator, a yeller, and dark humorist...things that don't always jibe with being a fine Christian wife, but sometimes I think that Jesus must have had the slightest bit of mischief run thru him, or at least I like to think so.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all pooped butterflies?
A little prettier anyway.
I say you just skip the fight and get on with the make-up sex!!! Why ruin a good thing?

Swirl Girl said...

You have totally freaked me out...I was waiting for something really dark and horrible - and you haven't given it to me.

I think I would rather go on thinking about you pooping butterflies than think of you as a mere mortal.

Christine Macdonald said...

Love this. We have a lot in common.