~Thankful Thursday~

I'm a little late, but I'm posting my Thankful Thursday any way, because I want to. I really like Thankful Thursday posts, and they way they make me think about what I'm thankful for even more than I normally would.
This Thursday, I am thankful for my job.
For a very long time, I've known that I wanted to work in the medical field. When I had children and started taking them to the pediatrician (all the freakin' time, it seemed like!), my interest really intensified. I was always floored when my friends told me their kids were sick but they couldn't remember the medications they were on or even the name of the diagnosis. I soaked in all of that like a sponge. After a while, when the kiddos got sick, I could diagnosis them and predict what meds they'd be given with amazing accuracy. If I had a prescription pad, I could've skipped the ped visits altogether! (I kid, I kid)
I myself have spent some time in the hospital; appendicitis when I was 9, major leg surgery when I was 11 after running into a glass door, and severe pneumonia when I was 13. Then, I had 3 c-sections. I've done my hospital and doctor time!
Then I had kids. My girls have always been pretty healthy, other than the normal kid stuff. But that son of mine! Tubes in his ears twice, tonsils & adenoids removed, and he banged himself up hard enough 3 times to warrant ER visits and staples or glue. And then, his Chiari decompression surgery.
Naturally, at this point, hospitals are like a second home to me.
So, at last, in October of 2006, I got a job at the biggest hospital in our town. It's a very well-known hospital and people travel from all over the place to come here. I love working here. I love saying I work here. I love almost everything about it.
I love working nights. I love the majority of my co-workers. I love what I do, and what I help others do.
And the benefits are great. The health insurance is enabling me to get my gastric bypass surgery. I can't say enough about how thankful I am to have that. Many policies exclude this surgery or make it VERY hard to get aproved. Not mine.
We get prescription discounts and they will payroll-deduct your meds. We get silly things like theme park discounts, and they payroll-deduct that, too. I love me some payroll deduction! I swear one day, I'll have no paycheck at all because I'll have already spent it. Woops!
Being here today for all of my pre-op stuff, I LOVED the feeling that I belong here. I'm 'one of them'. I'm not an outsider. And when I'm here post-op, I'll get a private room, and VIP treatment. Woot! Some of the fees and co-pays are waived, as well.
And one more thing.........they will send me to college and pay for everything, as long as it's a medical field. So hopefully, after I recover from surgery, I will be enrolling in school. I have some prerequisites to get out of the way, and then I'll start nursing school. During that time, I will work only 20 hours per week, but I will get paid for 40 hours a week. Just one more benefit of the job.
I love my job.


Tera said...

It really is super when you get all those extra benefits. I only wish more people were offered just a portion of what your job offers you. And know what, it's great that you love your job, but that stems partly from all the benefits you receive by doing the work you do for them. It's a give and take in any relationship!

A Buns Life said...

It's a shame that all employers don't realize this. I'm so glad that you love it so much and that they treat you fabulous in return. I have been at my current place of employment for over 10 years and it is really because of all the perks and benefits. I could go do research in the private sector for much more $$, but I would lose a lot of the security and fringe benefits I enjoy now. While I have young children, it just isn't worth it.

Claudia said...

Oh! Here is to all the blessings coming your way! YEAH! It's SO good to see something positive, something GOOD happen to someone. Lately it's been rather dark out in blog land (my world included) and it's just SO refreshing to see someone deserving getting a break and truly cherishing it! KUDOS! (And best of luck, my SIL just had GBPS and couldn't be happier!!!)

Kathryn said...

Wow. That really is something to be thankful for. Amazing!
I am obsessed with all things medical related. I plan on going back to school for nursing, or radiography, or something like that, when the boys are older.

krissy said...

Holy Hell....that is some serious benefits! Your a lucky dog! You get your cute little butt to school cuz you would be one hell of a nurse!

I'm so excited about your upcoming vacation (I will call it a vacation so it sounds way more positive!!!) I'm really pumped for you sista! And I really do think you need to blog about the experience so others may find you as their inspiration. Blog about how you came to terms with your decision, maybe some tips about getting it approved faster thru the insurance, everything!

I'll be thinking alot about you next week! Best wishes sweetie!

pb&j in a bowl said...

It's great that you love your job. Too many people don't and then, don't do it properly. It's good to know that you do!

Alison said...

That is so wonderful!! You are very fortunate to have a job that you love!!! I am so happy you are deciding to go back to school..that is one decision you will never regret!!

LunaNik said...

And what exactly is your job again?

I, too, am dying to work in the medical field. I've even applied to a few hospitals for administrative type work until I can afford to go to nursing school.

Hmmm...we have some stuff in common don't we?

suchsimplepleasures said...

did you get the surgery, already?
how are you feeling?
how awesome that you found something that you love to be a part of. many of us go our whole lives, searching for that!!
i wish you the best of luck on your nursing degree...you'll do it.
btw...look at your avatar...you're so pretty!!