Project Support Beauty in Nature - No Plastic Bags!

Lotus over at Sarcastic Mom has started something wonderful.
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I do a few green things but really need to work on doing a lot more.
A while back, at Publix, I read about how plastic shopping bags are killing turtles, and many other animals, marine and land.
Most stores (down here, anyway) sell VERY inexpensive cloth bags. (.99 cent, anyone?) This is a very simple yet effective thing we can do, to help the Earth and its creatures. I don't know about you, but I used to collect a LOT of plastic bags, and now thinking of all those animals, and poor turtles thinking they're eating jellyfish, really disturbs me.
I love using my earth-friendly bags! And at the same time, I'm teaching my kids a valuable lesson about conservation. Win/win!


Anonymous said...

That's so sad! I am afraid I stick my head in the sand about most things. It's getting more and more difficult to do that though with my daughter learning so much about these things in school.

I think using cloth bags is a such a simple thing to do. I'll chime in with you, "No Plastic Bags!"

Kathryn said...

Awe. Poor little guy. That photo makes me so sad. :(
I always ask for paper bags at the store and then reuse them and reuse them until they fall apart.

The MomBabe said...

great idea!

OHmommy said...

What a sad photo. :( Awww... poor guy!

A Whole Lot of Nothing said...

Argh. You just kicked my butt back into using reusable bags. I NEED to, and I always for get them in the car. Thanks for the KICK in my arse!

krissy said...

That turtle just makes me sad! I should start taking more responsibity myself! Shame on me!

I did my quirky confessions! I'm so not proud of it though! I'm weird!!!

Huckdoll said...

That pic is heart breaking!