Quirky Confessions

Happy Birthday to Amanda at Shamelessly Sassy!
In honor of her birthday, I am doing Quirky Confessions today.
I don't even know where to begin; I am nothing if not quirky.
I guess I'll start with my biggest pet peeve on earth.
1. I HATE feet. Maybe that's why I'm not big on shoes and shoe-shopping like most normal women. They're disgusting and they totally repulse me.
2. I can't stand for my stuff to be rearranged, like my candles and pictures. Makes.Me.Crazy.
3. I am not a flexible kind of person. I don't like change. I don't rearrange my furniture. I park in the same area every night at work. I don't like working on a different unit for the night; I want to be in my 'home' unit, my comfort zone. I like a set schedule. One of my supervisors told me there's medication for this. I told him it doesn't help!
4. But, at the same time, I am a laid-back and spontaneous person. It's just that I need structure in certain areas of my life. Others, not so much.
5. I am totally obsessed with the show Jon & Kate Plus 8. I can't even tell you why; I just LOVE it. My favorite is Aaden, the little boy with glasses. He is ADORABLE and I figure since they have 8 kids, they should send him to me.
6. When I'm not watching that, I watch Discovery Health. I love it. I love to watch childbirth, and almost every other show on that channel. My family gets very tired of this! Especially my kids.
7. I don't own an iPod or mp3 player of any kind, and I don't want one. I love music, but I'm not big on earphones/buds, and the thought of having music playing in my ears all the time just doesn't appeal to me at all.
8. I'm sure that's at least partly because I sometimes don't hear very well, but I'm too stubborn to admit that and see a doctor about it. It's just when there's a lot of noise, and someone is talking, I can't hear them. I think it was too much loud rock & roll in my younger days. (how old does THAT sound??!!)
9. Everything has to be symmetrical in my house. If I hang something on one side of a window, I have to hang something on the other side. Fortunately, Mr Wonderful understands and shares this quirk.
10. I like almost anything that is banana-flavored but I don't like bananas.
There! 10 quirks! Who's next?


Around The Funny Farm said...

I've got to write my quirks today. Thanks for finding me and giving me that translation ***I think!!*** lmbo

I updated my post after your comment! lololol

Now, I'm going to dig around your blog and check you out!

:-) Beth

Around The Funny Farm said...

You like banana flavored but don't like bananas... that is hilarious!

I've got some up but I'm still working on it.. lol

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

YOU HATE FEET!!! Well, I guess that's just more for me...

Wait, you like doxie feet right? :)

Jon and Kate Plus 8 is the best show on TV - I love that they are so real - no sugar coating their life for the cameras.

Love that you found my blog! Any wiener lover is a friend of mine!


Ness said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

You're doing 2 of my fondest wishes...fostering dachsies and working as a unit clerk at a hospital.

I, too, like banana flavor but not the bananas and although I have an IPod, I can't use the ear buds cause they bug me and I use the ones that hook over my ears like glasses.

Off to read your blog and get to know you better although I have never met a dachsie person I didn't love.

Ness said...

10 Quirks about me(only 10?!?)

1. I will not eat raw cheese. I will eat it melted, but it tastes like rubber if it is raw(uncooked).

2. I hate onions and garlic! I like the flavor but if I have to crunch on a piece of either, it's all over!

3. Only touch something once, as in if you're reading a magazine and done with it, either put it in the recycle bin or put it up if you're saving it. Do not leave it where you have to pick it up again to put it in it's final destination.

4. Don't ever leave a partially filled ice cube tray in my freezer. If you need ice, dump it in the ice cube holder and fill the tray up and put it back in the freezer. Don't just use what you want and put the half empty tray in with the remaining unused ice cubes.

5. Hair! Don't like to see it anywhere except on top of heads. If I find one in my shower on or the sink, I.freak.

6. Don't try and fool me by adding something I don't like to a food and then if I eat it, tell me you put thus-and-so in it and laugh like crazy. I will never eat another thing you make. I don't like to be fooled and it is NOT mind over matter!

7. I have to read the newspaper first. I don't like to read used newspapers. But if you do read it before me, I will have a high-speed come-apart if you tell me the news before I can read it.

8. I have to read books in order. If the next book is not available in the library in the series, I will wait until it is and not check out any books past it.

9. I always have to use black ink when it comes to using a pen. Blue will not do!

10. On Christmas cards, there always has to be a theme and the cards, return address labels, stickers and stamps must all be in the same theme. Which is why I check out the Christmas stamps before I decide on a theme. I haven't been able to make the US Postal Service comply with my themes yet...I always have to comply with theirs.

And you thought YOU were quirky? Ha!

krissy said...

Ohhh....I'm playing!

I have some serious bad quirks! And FYI....I hate feet too! They are ugly and they smell! Ack!

Look for my post today or sometime soon!!!

krissy said...

Ohhh....I'm playing!

I have some serious bad quirks! And FYI....I hate feet too! They are ugly and they smell! Ack!

Look for my post today or sometime soon!!!

A Whole Lot of Nothing said...

I get the rearranging thing and parking thing. I like same same same, but then sometimes I'll get a bug up my ass that I have to change. But I must make the change.

Huckdoll said...

Funny, I've heard that banana one so many times.

Me? I love bananas but can't stand banana flavored stuff.

Kathryn said...

I love Jon & Kate too. I watch that every Monday. And I'm also obsessed with baby delivery shows. My hubby was blown away when he saw me watching Maternity Ward on the tv in my recovery room after I had our third child. Ha!
Great quirks!

amanda said...

I love John & kate plus 8 also. And Aaden!! his little glasses are too cute. John's not too bad either. haha :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I could only come up with six quirks. And you know what, I think you're pretty normal. That whole banana thing though, maybe not so much. LOL!

A Buns Life said...

I hate my husband's feet.....I still love my kids' feet. I will be sad when that changes.

The MomBabe said...

Ooh, I just love a good quirky list.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the banana thing. Love banana frozen yogurt but don't you dare give me a banana for breakfast!

Alison said...

I love Jon and Kate plus 8 also!! it is one of the few shows I watch on TV.

VDog said...

LOL. I love this. I am also not an iPod person, but I have one for the sheer convenience of not have to switch CD's and the like.

I uploaded all my albums onto the computer, then to the iPod, and then I plug the iPod into our home stereo. It's awesome! I got little travel speakers for it, too.

I never use headphones with it, how funny is that? ;)