Tater is our Baby Boy. See, hubby and I don't have any kids together. I have 3 kids, and he has one son. But no babies that are 'ours'. Which we are OK with.
Instead, we have dogs. And Tater is the youngest, and our only boy (except our old foster doggie, Tony).
Mr W LOVES Tater. I think maybe he loves him a little bit more than me.
He is really a darling, lovable dog, and much nicer than me, so I guess I can't really blame him, can I?
Tater is a lot like a cat. He's very snuggly. If I lay down, he lays right on my chest and snuggles up under my neck. He isn't hyper and he doesn't like to lick. So we're not constantly having to push him away from us because he's giving us an unneeded bath, like some other dogs who shall remain nameless. Sasha Isabella Maizy
He follows us around all the time, especially Mr W. He even follows us into the bathroom while we're showering, and stands up on the side of the tub, wanting to be let in.
We don't have our yard fenced yet in the new house, and when the kids are playing outside, he gets up on the top of the couch, looks out the window, and cries.
It's SO sad.
He is so tiny, furry, snuggly and cute. And a very, very good dog. The fact that someone, somewhere, let him get out and didn't even try to find him, is unfathomable. I don't know how long he was a stray. I don't even know how he survived, he's so little. But I'm so glad he did, and found his way to our rescue group, and found his way to us. We love our little Tater Tot.


Caffeine Court said...

I love him! I wish we could get another dog!

Your new blog design is really awesome! Very, very pretty.

Sassy said...

Aww, so cute.

A Buns Life said...

he is so cute! I love that you rescued him!!

Julie said...

Tater and Alice would so get along. She thinks she is a 40-lb cat in a dog's body.