Happy Fragments

Well hello, my dears!  It's been an exhausting week.  I'm not sure why, really, but it has.
I've had some good things happen this week though.  And I thought I'd share that with you - in Fragment form of course!

Mommy's Idea

~ I received an offer from two amazing friends this week that has me amazed and overwhelmed with gratitude.  It's always good to be reminded that there are wonderful people out there who truly care about me.
Hopefully I will post more about this in the near future.

~ I have a job interview next week.  It would be a very-part-time job to begin with but could lead to more.  I am not leaving my current job at this time - this would be to supplement that (at least to start off with).  It's a second interview, I already made it past the phone interview.  Fingers crossed!

Me & Elayna 

~ The girls & I went to Wendy's for dinner last night and played the goofy Where's Waldo game.  It was surprisingly HILARIOUS and we had a blast!  You have to ask questions and guess what the picture is on the card on the glasses you're wearing.  Hilarity insued!  Also, a man walked in, took one look at me and burst out laughing.  Glad I could make his day!

~ And I was reminded of this:

Have a good weekend, y'all!  


Keetha Broyles said...

That "Where's Waldo" game reminds me of a form of Poker my Uncle taught us once where we put one card up on our foreheads and had to throw chips in the pot by guessing what we had up there by the way OTHERS were betting.

I figured out pretty quickly that I had the highest card on my head, but since I had less money (chips) in my stash I lost to my uncle anyway because he could keep calling me till he drained me dry.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Glad to "hear" things are looking up!

Amy said...

Glad things are looking up.

More glad that you have that consultation. I know he's really looking forward to bringing several things to light. ;)

Unknown Mami said...

I think the Waldo glasses are a great look for you.

Elaine A. said...

The glasses would make me laugh too! :D I've played that game, it is SO FUN!

Good Luck with your interview!

Renegades said...

What a great quote and the glasses...well they look so fun.

Tami said...

One year we entered a pumping decorating contest. My son did "Waldo" and won!
Good luck with your interview!

Helene said...

Can't wait to hear about your friend's offer!!! And hope you get that job!!!

The Where's Waldo came sounds like fun...I could see my kids having a blast with it!

Kat said...

It's always nice to give someone a chuckle, even when you didn't mean to. ;)
Good luck with the job interview! Very exciting! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job interview!

bill lisleman said...

best of luck on the job - maybe you started already?

Anonymous said...

Now you've got me wanting to go to Wendy's. Sigh. Glad you had such a great week!

Stephanie said...

Oh how I love that quote! Never heard it before!
Thank goodness for good friends and great opportunities:)

Stephanie said...

I don't think my comment went thru?
Love that quote!
Thank goodness for great friends and fab opportunites:)

WhisperingWriter said...

Good luck with your interview!

Mmm, Wendys. They have awesome spicy nuggets.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like you have some awesome friends. Hope your interview went well.

Angelia Sims Hardy said...

That is too fun! Love the look on you both. We have a game we play with the girls like that. :-) Headbandz.