Every New Beginning - Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

~ Have you heard the devastating news??  Next year there will be a shortage of BACON.  What is this world coming to???  Why bacon?  What did bacon do to deserve this?  Take the broccoli.  Take brussels sprouts.  Take liver and gizzards if you must have meat!  BUT LEAVE US OUR BACON!!!

~ Tonight (Thursday night) was a WONDERFUL night.  Not only did I have all 3 of my kids home, I had FOUR wonderful friends here as well as my parents.  And I cooked a DELICIOUS dinner thankyouverymuch.

~ Sometimes love comes around the corner, takes you completely by surprise, and bites you in the butt.  I'm just saying.

~ Y'all.  In case you missed it - I've been blogging for FIVE YEARS.  Impressive, no?

~I've always loved this song and it has special meaning to me right now - this line - "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's END ~~~"


Have a reat weekend, visit Mrs 4444 - you know the drill.


Tammie said...

i know right, bacon!!!!??

oh and happy blogiversary! it has been a wild five years.

Tammie said...

btdubs: my favorite semisonic song: the little known Chemistry. check it.


Amy said...

Stockpile bacon now! LOL

Glad your dinner went well. :)

Kimberly said...

My arteries thank the bacon crisis...however my stomach is not happy.
Did the Mayans predict this?
Happy blogversary!!! YAY!!!! And here's to many more.
I'd send you bacon in celebration but I may need to start hoarding it.

Doreen McGettigan said...

So silly with the bacon stuff. How dare they after I have been eating bacon on my ice cream, with my peanut butter sandwich and wrapped in chocolate all summer. Nice get me hooked [seriously try it, it is good] and then pull the plug NOT nice!!
Happy 5 years, that is just awesome and I have so enjoyed reading your posts.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Love is in the air, you say? I'm grinning! Trying to sneak that in there, are you?

What, shortage of bacon? One little blonde girl and her mamma will be very upset!

That song always brings me back to college.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Haven't heard about the bacon, my husband will be very upset! Sounds like you had a very nice time Thursday night. Love that song from one of my favorite movies. I have watched it dozens of times on cable and actually just bought it for $10. at Target last week. Have a great week Cyndy!

Elaine A. said...

You know, brussel sprouts and bacon are really good TOGETHER. ;)

Mrs4444 said...

A BACON shortage?! What is the world coming to?! (I love the way you wrote that, btw.)

Happy Blogiversary! Do you ever wonder when/if you'll stop? I can't imagine blogging forever, but it feels right for now, to me (also at 5 years)

It's late. Must get to bed. Sorry I couldn't stay longer. Miss you :)