alright girlfriends (and boyfriends).
for the past 5ish years, john took the little kids to school every day. now of course I am taking Elayna to school myself. I would pretty much rather stick my hand in a meat grinder than get this child up and ready every morning. it inevitably leads to cursing and tears; I'll let you guess who's doing what.
So I'm going to force her to get as much done as possible the night before, but I'm looking for your advice on ways to make this easier and more pleasant for all involved. But mostly ME!!! Also some sort of reward/incentive type thing.
So, mamas, daddies, whoever, help a mama out!
(please excuse the wonky punctuation & capitalization, this is my 1st time blogging from my phone.)


Tara R. said...

Wish I had some helpful advice. I resorted to threatening my teen with a Super Soaker loaded with ice water, didn't help. I started trying to wake him up an hour ahead of time, that had some affect.

Amy said...

I fought the early morning battle with 5 kids who had competitive sports after school and bed times went late late late a lot of nights. So, I went to organization city. All back packs laid out the night before, showers the night before, play clothes in drawers, school clothes hung up to make grabbing easier, and I drove them to school so they could sleep in longer and not have an hour bus ride (this is TX remember). Sports clothes when they came off went straight to a laundry basket and I'd wash them and put them in piles to be grabbed on the way to practice/games. My crock pot became my best friend and my mom got me a book called fix it and forget it (crock pot recipes). And here's the kicker- you have a GIRL. She's too young for this one yet but the time will come that she will want to wear make up and do her hair. Then she'll want to get herself up earlier to make sure she's ready.

Don't know if any of this will help but...

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think you did pretty good from your phone. I don't have any advice for you but maybe you two can sit and talk about it. See what it is she needs from you and tell her what you expect from her.
Best of luck.

Helene said...

Ugh, the morning routine is pure torture around here, unless we prepare in advance. The evening before, I have the kids pick out their clothes (even down to their socks and shoes) and lay everything out on the sofa downstairs. They have to put their homework in their folders in the backpacks by the front door. Jackets on the backpacks so there's no wandering around the house aimlessly searching for missing jackets.

It's such a nuisance to have to do all this but it's necessary in order to make the morning go smoothly.

Megan said...

I'm with the other girls, organization is key!!

Get everything laid out the night before. I even make sure our back packs are already in the car!

Plan out what's for breakfast the night before too.

I ended up doing a chart with the oldest spawn. If he got everything on the list done before breakfast, he could have chocolate milk with his meal. Worked like a charm!

Shannon said...

I agree with getting as much as possible the night before.

My oldest also doesn't like to get out of bed. One thing that has helped is having her own alarm clock. Maybe it made her feel more in control of the situation, if that makes sense.

Mrs4444 said...

I can't think of any other ideas, but the ones that were previously offered are great.