Fraggin' from the End of my Rope

~ It's been a rough week, emotionally draining, and today was the worst! I'm at the end of my rope, for sure.

~ Among other stresses, today John went to the end of our dirt road, as usual, to pick up the Littles off of the bus. Andrew got off...but not Elayna. It took us 30 minutes to figure out where my child was! She missed the first-run bus, so the school dean put her on a second-run bus. She didn't tell anyone, so nobody knew where she was. The secretary finally learned, via the bus driver, what had happened and that she had been dropped off, so we had to rush back to the bus stop. Meanwhile she had already walked all the way home. She was scared, we were scared, it was just a very scary time!

~ Thanks for voting in the bedtime poll. My MIL decided I put Andrew to bed too early. They go to bed at 9pm at the earliest; on nights where they have soccer or other activities it's even later. And they get up at 6am! John works nights so it's just me and the kids Monday - Friday. I just love how she wants to tell ME what to do in my home! Grrr.

~ Speaking of MIL, Andrew, & stress...getting Andrew back after an entire summer at MIL's, where there are basically no rules, is challenging, to put it mildly.

~ Okay, I have to confess to a bloggy pet peeve. When the name you use for comments has nothing to do with your blog, and/or is a very common name, I never know who is commenting unless I click the name and visit the profile. I have several people with the same name who comment frequently, and sometimes I assume they are all the same person and don't realize I have a new commenter who I should be visiting. It would be SO awesome if you could use (for example) the name "Mary @ Totally Awesome Blog" or "Totally Awesome Blogger" for comments!
*WHEW* I feel better now.

~ Thanks for participating in/commenting on my new meme, DysFUNctional MOMents! I think it will be fun and I really hope it catches on and takes off.

~ My guest post is up now over at Single Mom in the South! =)

~ The BFF & I sang this last Friday night at Karaoke. It's kind of our theme song! ;-)

Have a GREAT weekend!

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From Tracie said...

I agree about the comment name. I used to comment just as Tracie, and then there was another (better known) Tracie (which is crazy, because until then, I had NEVER encountered another Tracie with an ie) who was commenting with that name. So I changed mine to From Tracie, which is my blog title. Makes life easier for everyone.

diane rene said...

uh oh, am I one of those bloggers? hmm ... I'll have to check into adjusting my name ;)

sorry today especially was so crappy. and tell MIL you will change Andre's bedtime when SHE enforces actual RULES.

and I wonder why I don't make friends ;0)

lisleman said...

on the subject of blogger names, have you heard about Mrs4444 name problems? Interesting google+ rules and whatnot.
Oh I'm Lisleman with "A Few Clowns Short" blog that needs more followers.
- school bus thing - did you know they had a second later bus?
I heard of one school that gave all the kids RFID tags (the things used in stores to prevent shoplifting) so the kids would register when the left the school and got on the bus. Seems a little overdone but it would had solved your problem.

Mamarazzi said...

i would FREAK if that was my kid and that whole bus BS went down, that Dean would wish he/she was deaf by the time i finished giving them a piece of my mind.

so scary...glad it all ended up ok.


Anastasia said...

What a crappy day! I can't imagine how scared you were when you didn't know where your little girl was! Ugh! But Miranda Lambert cheers me up.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So sorry to hear about your rough week. And your smother-in-law (typo intentional). Bedtime should be your decision, not hers. I hope next week is better!

Amy said...

I'm sure that I'm one of "those bloggers. ; )

I like the comment above that said MIL can set a bedtime at YOUR house when she actually enforces rules at HERS. (I don't have many friends either can you tell?)

The school might not have any ear drums or tail left after I got done with them if that had been my daughter.

I hope you have a much less stressful and wonderful weekend!

(Amy's world)

Amy said...

I'm sure that I'm one of "those bloggers. ; )

I like the comment above that said MIL can set a bedtime at YOUR house when she actually enforces rules at HERS. (I don't have many friends either can you tell?)

The school might not have any ear drums or tail left after I got done with them if that had been my daughter.

I hope you have a much less stressful and wonderful weekend!

(Amy's world)

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

LOL I wonder if I'm one of those with the different names. I have a different e-mail so sometimes it accidentally posts under that name....so confusing I know. If Blogger would just let you change your e-mail from the time you set up!
Soooo Scary with your daughter! I'm really glad everything turned out to be ok. I think parents fear that very same situation with their children going to school! What a traumatic experience for her! I remember not remembering where I lived when I was little maybe kindergarden and being on the bus long after everyone had left and having to find my house with the bus driver, well it was the sitters house. Funny how I don't remember how I got home, but I did.

Stacy Lynn said...

I'm guessing I'm one of those bloggers, too.

As a school bus driver, what happened with your daughter is one of my worst nightmares. There is no feeling worse for me (I know it's worse for you) than have a parent meet the bus expecting to pick up their child and you have to tell them they aren't there. Most times it turns out to be something simple like in your case and the child is fine...that dean just really should have called you...and to my relief, it's also usually the fault of the school/staff not me. I did have one case, though, (not my fault) where the non-custodial parent in a nasty divorce picked the child up at school and ran. I knew the home situation so when Dad was there and the child wasn't we both knew it was bad news.

I don't know about your school system, but ours leaves us between a rock and a hard place. Both the school's and the bus company's policy is that we don't drop a kindergarten student off unless the parent (or other approved person) is there. Any student after that age we are not supposed to call in about or sit and wait for parents to show for more than a minute or so if we're on time. We're supposed to drop them off and continue on. Some of the drivers follow that with no exceptions. Me? I follow it on a case by case basis. I'm not comfortable dropping off the very little ones in rural areas with no one around...or in bad weather...or...well, you get the picture. I'd rather risk my boss's anger at me for calling that risk a child. And you know who will end up on the news as the bad guy if something happens...not my boss or the school officials who set the stupid policy...it'll be me.

Shell said...

I really need to change my commenting name. :)

What do mils know? I usually get along with mine okay, but lately, she makes me so mad, I want to scream and slam doors.

Need to check out your meme. It's been quite the week here, too... quite the month. So, I've been a little MIA.

ChiTown Girl said...

That dean needs to bitch slapped right upside his head!!

Your MIL needs to mind her own damn business.

You are such an awesome and patient mom. Andrew is so lucky to have you.

I'm with you on everything you listed over on your other post. I would move to the South in a heartbeat if it weren't for one little thing---the damn HEAT!!!! I could never do it. It's too hot here in Chicago for me. :(

Mel Fraase said...

I would have been freaking out, too, if my kiddo wasn't on the bus!! My daughter keeps finding reasons she needs a cell phone. I haven't given in yet, but that stuff is scary!

Aria has a few friends with almost no rules, I really hate letting her be there or spend the night. Rules have a purpose. And 9pm is late at our house.

Hope next week is less stressful!

clearness said...

Uhoh, I'm guilty of the random name comment. I know it has something to do with how you have the comments set up in your blogger settings but it only gives me my google account id or Open ID.......I have no idea what OpenID is so I just leave the clearness (google account) checked. I'm Rebecca from Just Another Blog. It won't let me change much.

Over on my blog, I once explained the word 'clear' and how it's important...or at least was......A very short journal entry I wrote in Creative Writing my freshman year.

Helene said...

OMG, I would totally be freaking out too if that had happened to one of my children! The dean should've called you ASAP after getting your daughter on the bus so you would know. How scary!!

Can I assume you're not talking about me with the blog comment issue? I haven't encountered any other Helene's in the blogosphere as of yet? Or I could always go by "TwinMomTwice" which makes it pretty darn obvious who I am...LOL!!

Helene said...

Oh and your MIL sounds like mine. She's always saying crap like, "Well, when Mike and Tim were young, I had plenty of time to clean the house. I don't know why you don't have more time."

Then I point out to her that she had only TWO kids, who were 4 years apart...not TWO sets of twins who are only 2 years apart.

And then she can't understand why I'm always so defensive around her or why I feel she's forever insinuating that I'm a bad mother.

But you see, I figure this is good life lessons for you and I on what NOT to do....so we can be awesome MIL's when our time comes.

Tettelestai said...

I hope the blogging comment thing is not me. Just in case it is:

Herr, nache deinem wille

Bed time is your schedule and what you can handle!

I truly hope your weekend is much better than the week has been. I think I would have induced a heart attack if my child didn't come off the bus!!! No joke, I would have freaked out! I am so glad she came home safely!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had such a crummy week. :( Hope your weekend is better!

Unknown Mami said...

I'm with you on the commenting name. I'm so sorry you all had to go through that scary bus drop off issue.

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...

OH MY!! My hair would have gone completely gray and my face would have been white as a sheet if my child didn't get off the bus!! Poor sweet thing, and poor mommy and daddy!

MIL's...oh don't get me started! Mine is horrible! They don't know as much as they think the do.

I too am at the end of my rope! OH! They should make a cocktail (or do they already?) that is called "End Of Your Rope" that makes everything all better!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I changed my name a few months back - I used to go by Kirby on all my online activities. Now that I am known more for my blog than for the other stuff I used to be involved, I decided to just go by Kristin - the Goat. Kirby served me well for years and years, but it's nice to be me again :)

By the way - I had to enlarge the print of your blog a whole bunch. That font you used in today's post is hard to read.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry for the hard times, I can only imagine how awful is was not knowing where she was. ((HUGS))
Hope you have a nice weekend.

Karen and Gerard said...

No wonder you're at the end of your rope--your daughter on being on the bus and missing for 30 minutes would make any parent frazzled, especially when so many children are abducted these days! So glad she got home safe, but the school should have called you sooner.

Tiffany said...

I jumped over from Single Mom in the South's blog that you guest hosted on. I commented, but I hope you don't take my comment wrong. I hate when I write something then it sounds all wonky.

Anywhoo, glad to hear your daughter made it home safely. Beginning of the school year has it's tough times.

MIL's can be so intruding sometimes. I've had my fair share with mine. 9pm is not that bad. Mine go down at 8:30 and by the time they pass out it could be 9.

Have a great weekend!!

Tiffany @ My Crazy Kind of Wonderful

Working Mommy said...

Will the real "Working Mommy" please stand up (I am standing right now, just an FYI)?! Who are the imposters...Ima cut a biotch ;)

PS - LOVE that song...such a passive/aggressive angry woman song...its fabulous!!


Amy said...

I can see why you're at the end of your rope. Your MIL and that school lady are both lucky you don't strangle them with it. Here's wishing you a restful weekend.

-- 4th Frog (just so you'll know who I am)

Shawna said...

Is there a specific phobia for school-bus-related mishaps? If so, I have it. I'm sorry you've had a rough week. :( ... I'm Shawna @ iamthat-shawna.blogspot.com

Rachael said...

I hate school bus trouble. My son started riding a bus when he was only 3 1/2 because he went to preschool through the school district. A couple of times when he had a sub, I waited a good 25 minutes past his drop off time with no bus in sight. Nervous! But yours is definitely worse, glad everyone's ok now.

Jenny said...

I can not believe they did not call you to tell you this situation with your daughter. That is unacceptable in my book.

I am going to change the way my name looks now ;) I never thought about that but your right and especially with my name :)

Doreen McGettigan said...

I really only come for the music...just kidding. That song is my life this week. I have mean people coming out of the woodwork. I thought when I wrote a true story a few of the murderers might be upset...jeeze I'm getting it from everyone. I posted "Mean" by Taylor Swift the other day...
My heart stopped when I read of your missing child. That is just NOT RIGHT!!! Somebody should be accountable. You do not just put kids on a bus...I cannot even imagine how frightened you were.
Thank God for a good outcome.

Heather said...

School bus communication is my big pet peeve right now too... my daughter keeps getting left behind in the mornings.. such a stressful thing that shouldn't be

Traci said...

I've definitely had those weeks. You just want it to be over. So great that you found your daughter. So scary. Hopefully she will tell someone next time (especially after getting so scared.) I hope your weekend is proving to be better than your week. Is the MIL that doesn't have rules the same one trying to incite a rule at your house? LAME!