Have I told you lately that I love Fragging? and you?

Mommy's Idea

I'm going to start my Fragging on a serious note.

First, I want to thank you all who left kind & supportive comments on my Pour Your Heart Out post. It was hard to write and even harder to hit "publish", so your support meant a lot to me.
Second, I want to direct your attention to two amazing posts that I read this week.
The first one was at If Mom Says OK. If you're not already reading her blog, you are truly missing out on a gem. She blogged about the gulf oil spill in the most eloquent and touching way.
The second one was from the Queen of Fragging herself, Mrs 4444s. It's a post to herself as a child, and it is heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time. It was inspired by none other than If Mom Says OK. {I told you she was amazing.}

Alright, enough of that serious stuff.
We have a new guy at work, and on his first night, he asked me if I'd ever seen the show "Las Vegas". I told him no, and he said that I remind him of one of the girls on that show. I was a little nervous, being that it's called Las Vegas; was it all about strippers & hookers? But they said it's about casinos. So I googled the show.

Here's the cast:

And here's me, eating dinner on vacation, clearly looking all kinds of crazy hot:

I think the new guy needs glasses......or to lay off of the crack-smoking!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned here before my feelings about Change. Basically, it makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb. I'm just not a fan of it. To the extreme.
So it drives me batty when changes happen that are beyond my control, and that's what's happening at work right now. Several of my co-workers are leaving. Moving away, graduating & starting their careers, having babies, etc. It's all happening in a short time period. So I'm going to be all out of sorts. And yes, I know I should learn to better adapt to change.
And to that I say....bite me.

Have I told you lately that I love this crazy man?

I wish you a wonderful weekend!
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Myya said...

I wonder if you've got the wrong show... there was one on a couple years ago called Las Vegas, it was with Josh Duhamel. I could see you as Mary. Wonder if that is who he is talking about???

Anonymous said...

I hate change too. I kick and scream against it like a toddler. Nice to see I'm not the only adult who shares the sentiment!

Love the crazy mn's sunglasses!

Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

mommaof4wife2r said...

love the glasses on the man...awesome! have a great weekend, friend!

brainella said...

I only like the kind of change that benefits ME. :)

LceeL said...

But they're all made up and you're on vacation!! Not a fair comparison. Besides, I think you're pretty. And HE is a lucky man.

(I just re-read this comment and I realize I come off as some kind of creepy stalker. Hmmm. I wonder ....)

Lisa Ceaser said...

I hate change too. But sometimes, even though we can't see it at the time, it's for the best. It's all part of His plan for us.

Kirby3131 said...

The interesting thing is that things change around us every day, but usually it's change that we expect, like the seasons changing - but since you are in Florida you don't see that as dramatically as the Northerners. Anyway, change keeps us learning, so consider this a college degree :)

That man of yours has got dollar signs in his eyes - better watch out!

Kristin - The Goat

qandlequeen said...

Just stopping by to say HI!

MamaB said...

Change is so hard...but sometimes necessary to help us grow and become better individuals.

Oh, and I definiately think you have the wrong Las Vegas. I believe he thinks you resemble (I agree) Nikki Cox who played the character Mary Connell on the show. Why to much TNT while on maternity leave last night for me!http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0185178/
Have a great weekend!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Clearly, crazy hot, my friend!!

I don't think many people like change. Saying a prayer that you have peace with it quickly. XO!

Just Breathe said...

You have a wonderful weekend too!
I hate change, I do not do well with change. I don't always like when God closes the door and I have to open the new one :) Glad you have love on your side.

Christy said...

good luck with all the change! love your hubby's glasses! :-)

Jenners said...

Hey ... take your compliments where you can get them!! Who cares if the guy has glaucoma ... just pretend you ARE the Vegas ladies!!!

Tara R. said...

For some reason that song "Dollar Bill' is stuck in my head...

Thanks so much for the shout out. Forz post was awesome.

shortmama said...

Im not doing good with change lately either. In fact I have been through so many changes in the last year that I feel like Im near an anxiety attack!

Lindsay-ann said...

I am sorry things are changing at work. I don't like change either. I hope everything works out ok for you. Sorry you don't have fun memories of your childhood. That's so sad. I have not known you very long but I do know already that your kids will have the most wonderful childhood memories. You always sound to be doing fun things that revolve around your kids. I really enjoy hearing about them all through your blog and also snail mail.
Hope you are having a lovely Saturday.

Brandy said...

hahahah. i wonder if you have the wrong Las Vegas show too. even though you are all kinds of hot.

Shawna said...

I love your little flower borders. So cute! :)

I gave you an award over at My Girls. Come and get it!

Erin said...

I so see the resemblance, you mean you don't? =)
And I love those glasses that the hubs has on...perfect!

Unknown Mami said...

You ARE all kinds of hot. Maybe you need glasses, if you can't see it.

Melani said...

I like that pic of you! So real! :)

I hate change, too, makes me want to cry sometimes and I understand change is harder to accept the older we get, so I am in for it!