Motivating & Meatless Monday, with a Weekend WrapUp on the Side

When I saw Amanda 's Tweet about joining in her Motivating Monday carnival, I just had to join in. I've been meaning to for weeks and finally got it together...although a little late of course. A Little Late is pretty much my middle name.

BTW, Amanda's Motivating Monday post is awesome....be sure to check it out!

So, here's my motivation...

I know, predictable and expected...but my kids have really inspired me lately. Every day I am reminded of how special each of them are. My oldest daughter is at an age where you can have a real, meaningful discussion with her. Sometimes she catches me off-guard with how grown-up she's becoming. Youngest daughter started softball today and I was so proud of how hard she tried and never complained, even though it was her first time ever and it wasn't easy.
My oldest son is basically growing up before my eyes...not yet a grown up, but certainly not a young kid. And my youngest son is so likable and friendly. He's also very caring and concerned about others.
And all of them are so well-liked. People compliment me on them all the time. They are all involved in the church, and other church members are very impressed with them. They consistently choose church events over other things, with no pressure from anyone.
Do they drive me crazy? Daily. But they also blow my mind, and motivate me to be the best that I can be, and lead them by example.


Did you remember that today was Meatless Monday ? If I started a McLinky so that you could link in and share your Meatless Monday dishes with us....would anyone be interested?

Our Meatless Monday dish was roasted sliced potatoes with peppers, onions, & Lipton Onion Soup Mix. Garlic bread on the side.


Just a quick Weekend Wrap-Up....Sunday was Andrew's "Friend Party" for his birthday, and during the party I realized that this was his first friend party. MIL sometimes hijacks makes plans for his birthday and in the past his "mother" had him some years, and we've usually just done family parties. So, I was really happy that for the Big 10, he finally had a friend party. And he had a BLAST. Those boys were insane. (I hadn't had a boy party in a long time and OMG. It was quite an experience!)

It was a Pirate Party, so of course they had to Walk the Plank.

Somehow, the innocent "Toss the Cannon" a.k.a. water balloon fight, turned into a water HOSE fight. I'm not sure which preacher's kid started it but they had a great time, especially chasing my oldest daughter and her very cute friends.

And of course, I had to make the same Hot Wheels cake that I made for his dinner. And he got to blow out 10 candles again!

Hope y'all had a good Weekend/Meatless/Motivating Monday!


Manic Mother said...

I can't even imagine the party, my 2 boys are so wild together. I am going to attmept Ro's first friend party this year.

Heather said...

Awww, it sounds like you guys had a WONDERFUL weekend, and the boys had a blast!

Your kids are gorgeous, and it sounds like they are wonderful :)

Kel said...

That is awesome - so glad he had another wonderful party! I haven't done a meatless monday in a while, but I have some yummy recipies I'll def have to send your way! :)

Kat said...

Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday. Thanks to you. :)

shortmama said...

I am inspired by my kids all the time too, even when they make me insane.

Sounds like a fun friend party. This year was the first time we had a friends only party for my oldest. Before that it was all of our family and friends...this time she invited some friends over and we had a costume tea party and slumber party...so much easier than the preparing that goes into having 40 people in your house!

Stefany said...

Hopping over from Motivating Monday...

My kids motivate me too. I have a 16yo who consistently drives me bonkers but she is a good kid with a good heart.

Now that I am in school, I am even more motivated to be a good example to them so they can see how important and education and grades are.

My Johnny would have loved that cake!

anymommy said...

Your kids are awesome. Got to give you some credit too - way to go mom!!

Momo Fali said...

Your kids are so great because you are! They're lucky to have you.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Great weekend!!!

My hubby would die if I had a meatless Monday! Meg was home tonight visiting and she is a complete vegetarian now and it makes him so mad!!! Mostly because she is so little and he feels she needs the protein etc...from the meat! Whatever she is 21 and it's her decision, right!

Huckdoll said...

"A Little Late is pretty much my middle name." - that brought the laughs and reminds me of myself. My parents once bought me a t-shirt that read "Always late but worth the wait" :)

Excellent post - I adored the party activities and photos!

Huckdoll said...

"A Little Late is pretty much my middle name." - that brought the laughs and reminds me of myself. My parents once bought me a t-shirt that read "Always late but worth the wait" :)

Excellent post - I adored the party activities and photos!

Huckdoll said...
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Unknown Mami said...

I'm glad the "friend party" was a success for the big 1-0!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

My kids love our church too. I'm always surprised when people have to force their kids to go to church.

With 3 boys we had several pirate parties over the years. They were so much fun and the kids really enjoyed them.