On the Monkey Bars

Today was my princess's second day in her new school. It was also her first time ever riding a school bus. She was very excited to see that one of her new friends also rode the same school bus. But her excitement was short-lived.
Her new friend, Savanna, asked her: "Can you do the monkey bars?"
Princess can do the monkey bars, but they give her blisters on her hands. So, she chooses not to do the monkey bars. She explained this to her friend.
Savanna informed her that she had planned for all of her friends to do the monkey bars today, therefore if Princess couldn't do the monkey bars, she couldn't be her friend.
And that was that. She was not her friend all day long.
First grade is vicious!


Anonymous said...

Awwww... and this is the reason I threaten to put my daughter in a bubble. :) She's in the second grade now but I know as early as kindergarten I found myself wanting to smack the parents of the children who hurt my baby. (Isn't that even awful of me to joke?) But still, I know my baby would never unfairly discriminate against monkey-bar non-loving children. Undoubtedly that's a sign she's being raised right! Ha!

And how wonderful your little one didn't allow anyone to pressure her into doing something she really didn't want to. :)

Welcome to Scrolling Saturdays, BTW!

Secret Agent Mama said...

I'm so glad I home school. LOL Little girls, when in a group, can be so vicious. This is purely my opinion, of course. ;)

Caffeine Court said...

Maybe you should grease up the monkey bars-so Savannah has a little "accident!"

Of course I'm joking-I would never harm a sweet little child!! :)

Rachel said...

okay, that's just absurd.
What are we teaching "our" children?
Lord. Well hopefully Monday will be a new activity and they'll be friends again?.?
Good for her for sticking to her guns. Ugh.
I can't even imagine (well, I kind of can) the pain and anger that this caused you as her mommy. ugh.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

It shocks me how kids have such definite opinions about some things. You just never know what will set them off!