The Best Compliment EVER

This morning, I took the girls to the bus stop so that I could figure out the real deal on the bus situation. On Friday, hubby took them to the bus stop, and we'd been told that both girls would ride the same bus, with the little one being dropped off first, then the middle schooler. Well, there was some confusion and the bus driver said that he wasn't even supposed to GO to little one's school, but he'd go ahead and take her. So obviously, I had to address that this morning.
When I got there, I figured out that the two girls don't even ride the same bus. Middle schooler rides the first bus to her school, then another bus comes to pick up the Princess.
No way, no how is that happening. She is not even seven years old, she's not riding a bus with no older person there to watch out for her. So, her bus-riding days were very short-lived....one whole day. LOL I drove her to school today and on Tuesdays thru Fridays, hubby will drop her off. She was bummed! Poor baby. But mama just can't do that.
So, while I was walking the Princess to class, I got the best compliment EVER! The librarian smiled and told us good morning, then said "You two are peas in a pod! [we're very Southern out here, lol] You look EXACTLY alike!"
What better compliment could I ever get, than to be told I look like my beautiful princess?? I beamed.
On another note, I've decided to get back into my groove of trying to send out positive energy and vibes. I really think that for the most part, if we send out positive energy, we get back positive energy. I try hard to do this, but with some people, it's VERY challenging. Particularly with a certain ex of mine. But I'm going to try very hard to do this. Our interactions have been quite unpleasant lately, and that's not productive to raising children together. I figure the worst that can happen is that he could be SO negative that my positive vibes will bounce off of him and back to ME. So, it's win/win!


suburban prep said...

I agree.
I read a book by Lynn grabhorn that was on the subject of positive energy. (Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting).

FUN-ky Mama said...

Ah, I need to check that out. Thanks!

Groovy Mom said...

Good for you on sending out the positive energy. I try to do this too. I do have one person that I am being extremely challenged by right now. I try to remember to pray for her. That seems to help. But I still find myself rolling my eyes every time she says something. I have lots of work to do. ;-)

Julie said...

How sweet! I agree with you about the bus situation. One reason we picked a district with no bussing. Wouldn't trade the time we have with the kids for anything anyway. Driving them to school in the morning is the one guaranteed time dh gets with the boys each day.