New School, New Attitude

Today I was reminded of why I wanted to move back to my old town, and why I loved those schools so much.
It was the girls' first day at their new schools. I took Princess to school first. They acted like she was a rock star. To say they welcomed her is the biggest understatment! She was treated like royalty. They absolutely bent over backwards for her. She ate it up! It is just such a wonderful school, and I know she's going to love it. She had a great first day, until I came to pick her up from After-School. She was SO disappointed because they were about to go outside for Free Play and she wanted to stay longer. Sheesh!
Ladybug's school was new to me, and being a middle school I didn't expect quite the welcome that Princess got. Wrong! First we went into an office so that they could finalize her schedule, and she got to pick her electives. She picked Art and Agriculture! Sounds funny, but Ag was highly recommended to us. We were told the teacher is amazing, and that she does tons of fun stuff with the kids. They grow stuff and raise animals and really have a good time. When Ladybug heard "animals", she was all for it.
Anyway, after we got that settled, the office lady took us to all of the classrooms that Ladybug would be going to (except for her electives). Along the way, she was stopped at least 6 times by kids who just HAD to give her a hug! She had just come back to work from cataract surgery and the kids were so glad to see her. Everyone was SO friendly and helpful. Then finally she went to her first class, which is also her homeroom. They assigned her a buddy to help her out for the first few days. When she got home, she kept talking about her friends and "a bunch of her friends" did this, that, etc.......this was the FIRST DAY! I knew she'd make friends quickly but WOW!
It's just such a friendly little town, so different from where we moved from. I couldn't have imagined it going this well! Getting back to this town and getting my girls in these schools was one of my big goals, and I'm so glad to have achieved it already. One down! Many more to go! But we're getting there.
By the way, if you've never been to www.icanhascheezburger.com , check it out. I laughed all night last night. At work. They thought I was nuts.

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