I'm going to post several "Thankful" posts, but I already did this one on my doggie myspace page and I wanted to share it here.

One of the things I am most thankful for in my life is my doggies. They give me so much; unconditional love, pride, satisfaction, joy, laughter, and life lessons.

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Tater........Tater is a dog like no other. You'd really have to spend time with him to understand his Taterifficness. He is unlike any other dog I've ever known. He is not the slightest bit hyper, although he loves a good romp with one of the younger dogs. But with us, he's calm and gentle. He is not a kisser, so when you are blessed with a kiss from him you feel very, very special. He just seems very wise and sometimes solemn. He is very loving though, but instead of kisses he cuddles. He'll just press his face up against yours. Or just look at you with those soulful little eyes. He adores John, but he definitely loves me too. We sometimes compete for his attention. He gives it on his terms, when he wants to, but it's very frequent. But if you call him and he doesn't want to come, he simply doesn't. He is the closest thing to a perfect dog that I have ever seen.
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Izzy.......OMGoodness. She is just Izzy and always will be, I believe. She's wonderfully Izzylicious. She is also very loving but NOT a cuddler. Her legs are long and stiff like a giraffe's. She is only totally still when she's sleeping. But she loves every human and every dog. She is affectionate and if you call her (or any of the other dogs), she comes running. Everything excites her. Everything. She is obsessed with balls, and flaying 'fetch' (but she's not that good at bringing the ball back). She is very smart, she picks up cues and is very observant. I adore her.

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Then there's Tony. He is our old man. He is truly a sweet dog at heart, he just has very little patience with youngsters (canine version) and is quick to let them know it. Sometimes he needs a little break in the crate, and I think he actually likes that. His own space without rugrats bothering him. He is such a sweet dog though, truly. He has a spring in his step sometimes, and gets around much better than when we first got him. I am very glad that he is with us, and I would be very, very picky about letting him be adopted. I would be perfectly happy if he stays with us forever. (he's already at least 15 years old.) A potential adopter would have to understand him, and accept him as he is. He's so spoiled, I feed him right in his doggie bed. I mean, he's like 105 in dog years? Come on, he needs a break! But take him out to the park on a leash and you'd never dream he was that old. Dogs are awesome, and old dogs are very special.

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We have Maizy the foster right now. She is 2½. She is adorable, and extremely loving (read: OBSESSIVE kisser!!!) She is very exuberant and loooves to play with the other dogs. She also loves to get into the trash and tear things up. Anything she can get her little paws on. She likes to jump onto the kitchen table if our backs are turned. She is always into something! She is so pretty and looks like a puppy, and probably always will. She will make a great family dog and I think (hope) she will be adopted very soon. I LOVE her. As a foster. =)

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Julie said...

Your dogs are adorable. Where are they pictures? LOL