Exploring the World

I have been exploring the blogging world a lot for the past couple of nights. It is so much fun, I just love reading other people's blogs and getting a peek into their world. It's interesting to see how they express themselves and what they choose to talk about.
Personally I am in a yucky funk right now. I'm usually a very positive, content person but for the last few days, I've been quite the opposite. I do have valid reasons for this......maybe I'll go into them sometime. Hopefully I'll shake my rotten mood; we have the kids this weekend (well, my kids, not SS) and if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. There's a Twilight Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting on Saturday night and at this rate, I'll be going as the Grinch.
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Heather said...

Hey Cyndy, thanks for stopping by Home Ec 101.

I hate being in funks. As cornball as it is, practicing gratitude helps me. (I'm not calling you an ingrate, I promise!)

Jill said...

My sister and I have noticed that crabbiness seems to be an epidemic this week. You are not alone! Whenever I feel this way I tell myself "this too shall pass!"

Cyndy said...

Thanks guys! I just did the whole gratitude thing over Thanksgiving. It wore off. lol Some of my co-workers were saying they feel the same way. Weird......I am sure it "shall pass" though. =)